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Spinning on the Rim is a Star Wars Edge of the Empire campaign set 4 years before the Battle of Yavin. The Emperor has solidified his hold on the Core worlds and much of the mid-rim through the Empire warmachine. The galaxy is still full of opportunity as the Empire works to control major enterprise, yet allows the small infractions to be remedied through self governance and bounties. Life is difficult outside of the Empire, yet it is where the most wealth and notoriety can be gained without direct influence from Imperial navy.

The ancient order of Jedi no longer exists and practitioners have gone into hiding from the constant influence of the Empire. No other religion or champions are hunted with the same fervor as those who show abilities in the force.

The Rebellion exists as small groups spread throughout the galaxy. They are seen as terrorists, yet few turn away the aid they can provide when the need arises. It is not known if the Rebels have any real influence on the galactic stage.

Crime syndicates have thrived under the Empire, using the system to gain advantages and monopolies. It takes a crafty crime boss to succeed, in the cut throat environment. The Imperial Navy is feared, yet bureaucrats and governors are bribe-able, offering their influence to the highest bidder. The ISB is harsh with offenders, though only when they can prove laws have been broken. For every official caught by the ISB, 10 are ready to take their place.

Spinning on the Rim is a series of adventures aimed at providing players a fun rustic Star Wars experience. The intent is to create a role-playing experience with shared story telling rather than dictates of the dice. Though the first part of the campaign exists in a linear format, the game will being to develop into more free form adventure to allow the players to make the decisions which shape who their character really is and where they fit within the Galaxy.

Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

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