Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

End of Line
Game Closure

The Crew having being brought into IsoTech have separated ways to drive down paths of their own designs. IsoTech remains as their common interest point, which will maintain a line of communication with each member of the Crew.

Moshta: Engaging in a partnership with Aris Shen, Moshta Li begins to set in motion plans to enact a personal vengeance against Cloud City. Aris the wife of a known crime boss and owner of a premier casino in Cloud City, seeks to supplant her husband with the aid of Moshta. The lovers have a common enough goal to continue in each other’s company. The fact that Aris’ belly has begun to grow, has certainly worked to seal their relationship.

Jimo: Seeking to bring his tribe back to prominence, Jimo has sought to learn what he can from Cratala. Her knowledge and designs require experimentation on subjects, and Jimo’s tribemates are willing enough to be test subjects for the more combat intensive designs. Jimo currently works at IsoTech on the corvette as the known cybertech, keeping Cratala’s existence silent.

Goram: Finding that he now has the resources to track down and put things from his past to rest, has begun to track down his previous associates. In keeping with his M.O. Goram has also been keeping his eye on bounty hunters and the Yivyar clan, ready for any opportunity to prove he and his Crewmates are not to be trifled with.

Please feel free to make comments and let me know if you feel something else needs to be added. These characters will become NPCs for future games, my intent is that you will never run into them, this is to prevent me from having to roleplay – YOU. It was not easy to come to this decision, but we have learned much and I am ready to try new things with this game system. Onto “Age of the Rebellion”

Droids Will Be the Death of Us
Temple of Eedit: Knowledge is Key

Note: I have changed things a bit as the game did not go as I had hoped and I am making changes to how the game will progress. So if the events or statements are different than you remembered, it is most likely because they are. Admittedly I also waited too long to write this up, so my memory is fuzzy at best.

With the walls and ceilings of junk, it took no time at all for the Crew to be stranded from their G9 Rigger. Piling on board the corvette, the Crew immediately went about assisting Reom and IsoTech engineers on getting the corvette off the planet. As the hail of blaster shots rained down on the area, Jimo sent a message to Whiner to get off planet and meet at the Wheel. The heroic efforts of the Crew finally got the corvette skyward and into battle with a few Imperial TIE fighters. Surprised by the massive ship the TIE fighters were ineffectual at stopping the lumbering capital ship from escaping into hyperspace.

Reom ecstatic at the success of the Crew and on everyone’s survival explained the new situation to the Crew. Now that Raxus Prime is no longer a valid area for consistent business for IsoTech, he is going to push the company into a less Black-market style business offering cybernetic enhancements. IsoTech will reduce the salvage operations to less dangerous enterprises and begin to work on turning the company viable. The corvette will be renamed from the Blockade Bandit, to the Comfort Pioneer and the medical infrastructure will overtake the majority of the corvette.

Reom winks when he states that “even though the goal is legitimacy, it takes capital and hard decisions to get there”. The corvette will remain on the move with ships being brought in for customers and supplies. This is to prevent knowledge of Cratala’s existence and knowledge from escaping, while also remaining apart from any specific jurisdictions on cybernetics. As silent partners of IsoTech, you have full access to the offices on the Wheel and will have the proper codes to contact the Comfort Pioneer whenever necessary.

Reom then changed the conversation to the Crew’s future involvement with IsoTech. The Crew declined the 200,000 credit by-off, which Reom was pleased they would stick with IsoTech and help fill a role in the company’s future. The Crew would take lead on discovery efforts, finding new ideas and sources of technology to keep IsoTech ahead of the competition. A starting point would be to look into the droid factories and engineering discoveries of the Separatists from the Clone Wars. Cratala was once a Separatist so there must be more to find within the ruins of the Separatist movement.

Once the Crew arrived at the Wheel they noted no sign of the G9 or Whiner. So the Crew took a few days of R&R, Moshta meeting with his beloved while Jimo and Goram dove into side projects. Goram in a discussion with Waroon Dak, a noted infochant, happened to find out that a bounty hunter named Seegawk was seeking the Crew. Finding out that Seegawk seeks to trap his targets into unfavorable situations, the Crew headed to Moshta’s sweet to find that Seegawk had already arrived.

Aris was tied up and under guard in the dark room, allowed for Seegawk to inform that party that he sought the bounty on them in regards to the Jewel of Yavin and the behest of the Winged Guard of Cloud City. Shortly after this announcement the blasters began to ring out and the Crew stood over two surviving members of Seegawks gang. After a few questions, Moshta executed both and left the suite with Aris and the Crew.

Having found a message from Soun the Iktotchi engineer they saved from Cholgana, Jimo explained to the crew that Whiner was unable to remain on the wheel with the G9 as the ship had been flagged for “failure to comply with docking protocol”, which was a fine Whiner was unable to pay, as he has no credits to his name. So his next logical course was to take the ship to await the Crew where they originally met.

Having to request a drop off to Formos from IsoTech, the Crew found Whiner, Soun, G-100 the banking droid, and Cookie the elderly Cerean female they saved from Cholganna, in the warehouse once used by Bandin Dobah’s smuggling operation. Finding out the G9 was impounded due to an uncharacteristic enhancement to the Imperial garrison. The Crew worked with Snoo the Devaronian information broker, to distract the Imperial’s as the Crew works to get their ship off of Formos.

XP Gained: 12
• 10 – for the session
• 2 – dealing with bounty hunters

Are Jawas Galactic Roaches?
Beyond the Rim

After the meeting with Reom, Norta gave the crew a basic tour of the area:
1. The Junk Pile – like most of Raxus Prime, this area is a mass of junked starships, discarded equipment, trash, and wrecked vehicles of all types. The junk specific to this area tends to be that of starships and other vehicles.
2. The Toxic Lake – this putrid mix of unidentifiable sludge and corrosive chemicals, emits noxious and horrid smelling fumes. It is obvious the breathing in the fumes would cause all manner of complications.
3. Toxic Lake Islands and Platforms – Scattered throughout the lake are junk-piled iland encrusted with rings of toxic sludge. It appears that several starships and large vehicles have been turned into makeshift platforms for past salvage operations upon the precarious islands.
4. Hidden Sensors – concealed IsoTech sensors stations in the wreckage are present to warn of incoming traffic or threats.
5. Landing Alcoves and Passageways – these cave-like alcoves have been carved into the junk-bluffs of the peninsula, up close the areas look like standard starship docks, with a junkyard theme.
6. Crushed Courier – a seemingly ancient starship of unknown origins. This is where we just met and spoke with Reom.
7. Bantha Clan – this old multi-deck freighter shows signs of heavy customization, well after it was decommissioned. The general staff reside in this as a living-quarters.
8. Corellian Corvette – a long abandoned Correllian corvette is the most prominent feature of the area. It is mostly buried under the junkyard and shows signs of rust and deterioration. Inside the derelict corvette is our cybernetic and black market stock, along with a fully functional medical cybernetic surgery area.
Norta also offered the use of a skiff for the crew to find any parts or such they may need to fix their G9. Jimo asked if there were any parts they were looking for in particular. Norta identified several capital ship parts that IsoTech have been looking for without success.

Deciding they would venture into the expanse of the massive junkyard, the crew found there were Jawa bands roaming the area for parts, even seeing a couple fall into the lake with no apparent concern from other Jawas. Jimo searched for a ship similar to the G9 to obtain pieces of hull from and found an older though similar ship from which to scavenge from. After removing portions of the hull, Jimo decided to venture within the ship to find additional parts that could assist in the repair of systems. In the cockpit he found an upgraded and functional weapon control console. Across the way the crew also spotted a capital ship of corellian make that looked to have a serviceable sensor dish. Jimo with help from Goram managed to extract the dish without much difficulty. Jimo deciding he wanted more hull to fix the G9 cut into the capital ship. Looking inside and seeing utter darkness down and up the hallway, Jimo decided he wouldn’t push his luck. The crew made it back to Scrapheap Point and began repairs upon the Unknown Ship.

Moshta taking some time to relax went to the Bantha Clan and had a few drinks with the employees of IsoTech. A Devaronian approached Moshta and tried to pry into Moshta’s past. When that didn’t work to well he offered up traveling to Devaron to see the sites of his homeworld. Going a bit quieter he told Moshta of an interesting site for scrap smugglers, the abandoned Temple of Eedit.
My sister’s friend’s grandmother told her this story:
Back before the Clone Wars the Temple of Eedit was a place of learning and history for the Jedi Order. As the Clone Wars began the Jedi left a skeleton crew to keep the temple maintenance and upkeep. Every now and then a Jedi Master and a padawan would stay at the temple. When the Separatist army moved into a nearby system the Republic added a contingent to the temple to man it and use it for support of the surrounding system. At some point the Separatist moved a force to take the temple from the Jedi. During the battle a massive Zabrak joined the fight, wielding a huge vibro-ax he slew clone and droid alike, eventually even slaying the resident Jedi and his padawan. After the end of the Clone Wars Imperials bombed the temple and nobody now ventures as it is off-limits and patrolled by the nearby Imperial outpost.
Moshta also learned from his new “friend” that the corvette is not as derelict as it appears and that IsoTech plans to leave soon due to the increasing Imperial presence on Raxus Prime.

Norta came by the hangar to inform the crew of a Jawa trading caravan approaching, letting them know they may find parts for their ship to trade from the Jawas. Once the Jawas entered the area Goram and Moshta noticed these Jawas were much bigger and broader than expected, potentially a weird genetic offshoot. As trade was about to begin Norta noticed something about the lead Jawa and smacked a mask off his in quick response the lead Jawa stabbed Norta with a vibro-knife. Immediately Jawas rushed forward brandishing blasters and vibro-knives. The lead Jawa’s hood fell back and with his mask gone it was apparent he was a Sullustan. Goram drawing both guns noted that he knew this Sullustan, and only hesitated for a moment before pulling his triggers. The hesitation must have been long enough as the Sullustan only took one hit and managed to back up behind a slew of Jawa disguised Rodians. Moshta noting Norta’s condition ran over and began to pull the downed Rodian back to the entrance while Jimo tensed up.. for no reason at all. As Moshta looked to flee the Sullustan opened fired upon the ceiling causing a light shower of junk to rain down upon Moshta. In response Moshta pulled the blaster out of the Sullustan’s hand. Goram opened fire on the Rodians and layed out the half dozen mooks in quick order. Behind the Rodians rushed up three larger brawner versions, that the crew quickly noticed were Trandoshans. The large reptilian creatures charged to engage the crew as Goram began to put each one down one after the other. Jimo brandishing his blaster arm managed to fend off the brute that wanted to skewer his cyber-body upon his vibro-knife. The Sullustan tossed a stun grenade to stop Moshta, but it fell short and landed on Norta who violently shook into unconsciousness. With his allies quickly falling to the crew, the Sullustan jumped back on his skiff and started to speed away. Both Goram and Jimo lept for the skiff, with Goram nearly falling to the lake, only getting caught on some wires and dangling below the skiff. Jimo trying to intimidate the Sullustan found that shooting and holding onto a rail didn’t work so well as he was flung from the skiff into open air. Only pure chance allowed for Moshta to reach into the Force to pull Jimo from certain death by green-yellowish goo. The skiff fled and Goram finally got on and put an end to the short chase with the Sullustan.

Goram remembered the Sullustan as Too Low Talo, and the Sullustan also remembered Goram from their days working with the mercenary crew. After telling Goram he was hired to take on IsoTech by the Yiyar clan and not Goram’s crewmates, Goram decided to let Talo go in exchange for never messing with Goram or his crewmates again, a business understanding. Talo eagerly agreed and bid the crew farewell.

Back at Scrapheap Point Reom and several guards entered the scene of battle with the Yiyar clan, visibly limping and using a staff to assist in his movement. He immediately had his guards take Norta back to the medbay and led the crew back to the corvette to discuss what occurred in greater detail. As Reom listened he showed excitement at the prospect of Cratala joining IsoTech and his future partnership with the crew. The crew headed back to the G9 to bring Harsol and Cratala to meet with Reom. Harsol being near panicked by the presence of Moshta, was led ahead with Jimo and Goram as Moshta walked with Cratala to meet with Reom aboard the corvette. Suddenly the area shock and blast fire could be heard, at first the crew thought it was the Yiyar clan again, yet those thoughts changed as the unique sound of TIE fighters pierced the air. With walls and ceiling beginning to collapse, the Devarorian Moshta met earlier ran past with several other engineers waving at the crew to follow.. Imperials had arrived.

XP Gained: 17
• 10 – for the session
• 2 – learning secrets
• 3 – dealing with Too Low Talo and the Yiyar clan
• 2 – interesting roleplay

Why Do Imperials Care About Junk?
Beyond the Rim

Upon entering the Raxus Prime system, the crew exited hyperspace directly in line with a Sienar Systems shipyard. Instantly hailed the crew identified themselves as the “Unknown Ship”, the humor being lost on the Imperials, several TIE fighters were dispatched to escort the G9 to the shipyard. The crew knowing, they did not want to get searched due to Harsol and Cratala, began to formulate a plan of action. In an attempt to give the Imperials the idea that the ship was failing, caused visible signs of distress and informed the Imperials that the ship was losing power and could not be steered away from the planet. Once it became apparent the Imperials would not relent, Goram quickly dispatched a TIE fighter with the turret and the fight was on. Before Goram could destroy a second TIE fighter a figure in black laminate armor struck Goram from his chair with a stun baton. Nearly knocked unconscious Goram attempted to put the stowaway down. Within a few moments the unfamiliar Imperial Stormtrooper was down, though the weapon console was destroyed and the crew could no longer control the turret. The G9 took several hits as the crew maneuvered into the atmosphere and into a crevasse which quickly opened into a canyon of sorts. The walls of the canyon being old discarded and deteriorating into the green-yellow sludge of a river below. Avoiding the TIE fighter blaster fire and falling debris the crew manage the G9 through a slew of obstacles the ship was never intended to manage. Quick thinking and even quicker reflexes allowed the crew to finish off another chasing TIE fighter. Then seeing an opportunity as they flew through a cloud of fumes and noxious gas they dove into a tunnel. The narrow escape was not quite big enough for the ship and the G9 took more hull damage as warnings flared across the consoles. Within moments it appeared the crew managed to evade the remaining Imperial TIE fighters. Slowing down to a manageable speed the crew were able to navigate to Scrapheap Point.

The crew were hailed as they entered the area of Scrapheap point, noting the area was a peninsula into the lake of corrosion and noxious chemicals. Being directed to land in a hidden alcove the crew touched down their limping vessel. Upon exiting Norta, one of IsoTech’s managers greeted the crew and led them to the negotiation room, which happened to exist within the hulk of a long discarded unidentified freighter style vessel. Moshta wanting to make certain Cratala and the survivors were comfortable stayed on board as Goram and Jimo made their way to meet with IsoTech. The tone for the discussion was one of distrust, so Norta provided a hyperspace link to Reom. The Twilek was in obvious pain and his many bruises and abrasions showed he had been in a serious altercation. He told the crew that IsoTech headquarters on the Wheel were attacked by Clan Yiyar and that he and several of his employees were injured as the Rodians made out with the capsule from the Sal Nalaor. Jimo still feeling a bit untrustful only told Reom they had found the Sa Nalaor and had things to share with Reom once he arrived on Raxus Prime. Reom agreed and stated he was enroute and would arrive in two stellar days.

XP Gained: 12
• 5 – for the session
• 2 – navigating the canyon
• 3 – dealing with the TIE fighters and Infiltrator Stormtrooper
• 2 – interesting roleplay

Why Does Someone Always Interrupt
Beyond the Rim

As the evening grew later the crew began to discuss their plans and priorities, as they were preparing to rest for the night a knock came at the door. A Iktotchi male covered in a patch worked cape asked for entry. The crew invited him in, and he introduced himself as Soun, an engineer and survivor of the Sa Nalaor. It became readily evident that Soun was living in fear, he had no love for Captain Harsol and greatly feared his wrath. He even told the crew about disabling a YT-1760 that belonged to another group who had run across the survivors of the Sa Nalaor. Captain Harsol had explained they were lost to the jungle but Soun was certain he had them killed, otherwise he wouldn’t have had Soun disable the ship. Soun wanted assurances that the crew would get him off the planet and keep him safe from the Empire. The crew eased Soun and “promised” that they would see to his wellbeing.

The next day the crew were met by an elder Cerean female who offered them the choice portions of breakfast. The crew’s excitement quickly turned sour as they realized she was feeding them bug brains. Using their iron grit, the crew managed the food and disinclined seconds. A Nemodian male bearing a makeshift crossbow approached Goram and asked if he would like to go hunting, Goram being a bit confused by the request, redirected the inquiry to the lead Rodian, Yav Yiyar. Soon the crew were either spending time with Harsol or talking with Cratala about her cybernetic enhancements. With Harsol the crew were making preliminary agreements and keeping Harsol appeased and comfortable with the crew’s expertise.

For lunch the crew were offered a gummy floppy slab of something potentially meaty and Goram decided rations were just fine. The crew thinking they may have to incapacitate requested that Goram go stun. Soon after the crew ended up in a verbal discussion with Harsol and Yav Yiyar which quickly devolved into combat as Moshta used the force to grab Yav Yiyar’s notorious blaster. Yav being quick to respond flicked his wrist and brought out a holdout blaster from his sleeve, leveling it at Moshta. Moshta tried to egg Yav on, while Jimo beefed himself up and Goram leveling his twin blasters at the lead Rodian. Yav tried to calm the situation down, though Harsol seeing what Moshta did with the force came to the conclusion that he was Jedi, mortal enemies of the separatists. Firing in haste he missed Moshta though put him a bit off balance, Goram meanwhile laid into Yav, quickly realizing that his guns were set to stun. Yav stood through the onslaught as a Rodian female toting a vibro-axe charged into Moshta slicing a gaping wound in his chest. Moshta back flipped away from the deadly Rodian readying himself for her continued onslaught, while the other Rodians open fired at Harsol injuring him. Harsol fired again at Moshta laying him out, and Goram fully stunned Yav, getting justice for the stunning Yav did to Goram a few days before. Just then the ground slightly rumbled and the familiar whine of starship engines caused the combat to halt.

The crew looked up to see a freighter sized ship with the telltale signs of a Sienar Fleet starship and several small pod shapes exiting the ship. The Retreat was instantly filled with chaos and Harsol completely lost it, blaming the crew and himself before running straight for the pavilion. Jimo noticed Cratala locking herself into the cyber-nexu cage. Goram ran over to Moshta and gave him a stim pack, instantly waking up the severely hurt Tagruta. Moshta jumped up discarding his damaged and bloody cloak, instantly turning to the Rodians and giving them words which prompted their immediate withdrawal, with the unconscious Yav in tow. Moshta and Goram ran toward the pavilion as Jimo ran to the cyber-nexu cages. Inside the pavilion Moshta caught up to Harsol inside his office and used the force to grap the man’s weapon. Harsol nearly losing his wits was quickly stunned by Goram, who then picked up the unconscious man and headed outside the building. Meanwhile outside Jimo heard a loud voice offer sanction to the survivors and called out the interlopers as ill-repute enemies of the Empire, who wished only to profit from the survivors and the crashed Sa Nalaor. Cratala started to become crazed and it took Jimo several minutes to get to the cyber-tech to listen and respond to his attempts to bring her back from the brink of madness. As Moshta and Goram exited the building they were witness to at least a third of the survivors heading toward the gate showing they were surrendering, while others were taking up defensive positions and calling the others cowards and turncoats. Moshta not wanting to go out the main door asked Cratala if there was another exit, she confirmed there was. With her two cyber-nexu in tow the crew ran to the obscure exit. As they hit the exit Soun and the elder female Cerean requested the crew take them to safety and the crew complied. As soon as everyone got to the raft it became apparent it was only large enough to take the people and not the cyber-nexu, after some discussion Cratala removed their inhibitors and let them free. The crew having been told that the cyber-nexu would now actively kill them without hesitation, made for the raft and fled upriver. After nearly an hour the crew came around a bend to see their G9 and the YT-2400 of the Rodians, the Imperial ship was nowhere to be seen. They could see that the Rodians had already made landfall and were stealthily going up the ridge to their ship. A distant whine told that there were speeder bikes in the area, and after a short bit a group of 5 scout troopers were seen patrolling the area. Moving to the sandy bank the crew asked Detta to fire up the G9, as soon as he started the sequence of bringing the ship to life the scout troopers immediately turned and open fired upon the G9. The crew made way up the bank as quickly as possible while Moshta and Soun carried Harsol up toward the ship. Goram laid down fire upon the scout troopers and managed to take the majority out as the last one sped off into the distance. As the crew loaded into the ship Jimo quickly worked to navigate directly to Raxus Prime, as the ship made lift off and into the atmosphere Jimo finally got the calculations in order. Immediately upon determining their path to Raxus Prime the Imperial scout ship engaged and began to hammer at the G9 Rigger’s aft. Goram jumped onto the turret controls and began to fire back at the Imperials. The G9 suffered a few hits nearly causing system damage, though Moshta responded by getting the rear deflector shields overpowered to receive the beating. Goram returned fire and scoring many hits on the hull of the Imperial ship, though the race to which ship would be disabled first was still in question. Just as the crew entered hyperspace Goram was able to do serious damage to the Imperial ship causing visible reactions from the hull, which began to emit sparks and smoke into space. The crew managed to leave Cholganna in one piece and with both priority targets on board the G9…

XP Gained (includes XP for finishing Act 2): 40
• 10 – for the session
• 2 – navigating the Chol Nebula
• 3 – discovering and exploring the escape pod
• 5 – surviving the cyber-nexu
• 5 – searching the two sections of the crashed Sa Nalaor
• 10 – obtaining Cratala and Captain Harsol, plus 2 survivors
• 2 – for beating out the Yiyar clan
• 3 – for fun roleplay and even more fun Nemodian Hunters who only hunt “with the approval of the senate”
Also I am removing the ½ XP restriction, it is really designed for when we have people in and out. At this point it looks like it is only our 3 main players, and someone else “might” show up (strong emphasis on “might”).
1. The Motley Crew – 20 XP
2. Hutts or Bust – 16 XP
3. Droids on Roids – 24 XP
4. Chasing a Cloud – 16 XP
5. Makin it Fly – 14 XP
6. What.. Skills? – 26 XP
7. Destiny Flies – 32 XP
8. Merican Standoff – 40 XP
9. Wheels on the Bus go… – 35 XP
10. Agoraphobia is Real – 16 XP
11. Big Cats Cybernetics Oh My! – 18 XP
12. Why Does Someone Always Interrupt? – 40 XP
Total = 297 XP

Big Cats.. Cybernetics.. Oh My!
Beyond the Rim

With barely any warning a huge cat with a large nearly smiling maw, leapt down to maul Moshta. As the creature dropped down it became apparent that it had been cybernetically enhanced with electrified claws. The creature slammed into Moshta knocking him down with is sheer power and raking his skin while sending electricity into his body. Goram quickly brought his guns to bear though his quick reaction did not allow him to get both shots into the creature, the monster staggered though did not fall.

Immediately another cyber-nexu appeared from around a large piece of hull, this one showing off 3 cybernetically enhanced tails, each tail ending in a heavy ball. The second creature rushed at Goram and managed to nearly knock the gunslinger down with three rapid strikes to his chest from its tail. Goram made sure this cyber-nexu stopped breathing with two shots to the head. As the first creature was dispatched with a well-placed shot from Jimo, another appeared from high up on the hulk of the Sa Nalaor, leaping down toward Jimo. This cyber-nexu had an even larger more intimidating mouth full of metal teeth and cyber enhanced jaws. The trajectory of the leap gave Jimo enough room to barely escape having one or more of his cyberlimbs from being severed from his body. Once again Goram proved his ability to take out any threats to the crew as he placed several good shots into the creature’s flank and head, dropping it immediately.

With the threat neutralized the crew took the opportunity to go indoors from the approaching night and headed back to the G9 Rigger. Jimo tried to find a method for taking some of the cybernetics from the nexu with him. Unfortunately, the cybernetics were more enhancements to limbs vs replacements and could not be removed without potentially damaging the hardware. With a sad sigh Jimo left the three bodies behind. After a night of fitful sleep listening to the various disturbing sounds of the Cholganna forest, the crew gathered up their wits and courage and made their way back to the crash site.

Upon arriving at the crash site Jimo eyes widened as he saw that several dozen large rat like creatures were eating away at the cyber-nexu bodies. As the crew approached the giant rats began to growl and the crew gave them a wide berth, Jimo got even sadder.

The crew then looked to find a way into the existing hull of the Sa Nalaor. After a couple hours they found the shaft of an escape pod that would allow relatively safe entry into the hull. The climb ended up being a little more precarious than originally thought, so Moshta pulled on his knowledge of an ancient religion to assist Goram in ascending the shaft. Once the crew managed to enter the hull they found themselves in a T junction with a ladder leading upwards, one path led starboard, another port side, the path leading further into the hull quickly ended in an impassable crushed hallway.

Going starboard the crew ran into areas where the hull integrity was compromised, after having Jimo nearly fall through, they were able to progress to the end of the hallway. This ended in a room which was identified as the Sensor Array Control room, all the equipment inside having been crushed or destroyed by the elements and time.

Underneath a tarp the crew found old rusted tools, which had obviously been used to remove some components from the computer systems. It appeared this occurred sometime after the initial crash. Jimo was able to scavenge the equipment and found data-cores that might still retain information. After performing some jury-rigging he was able to view the information and found the scans of hundreds of worlds and systems in the data-cores. Without an understanding of which stars or systems were scanned he could not correlate the data to anything within his knowledge.

Heading to the port side, Goram enjoyed the experience of finding the barking rats nest, luckily they were all busy eating cyber-nexu and he only had to endure their feces and not their bites. Traveling port side the crew found a security station which had been cleared of the lockers and other equipment, further along the crew found themselves in the bridge of the crashed cruiser.

With all the transparenteel windows broken the flora and elements had begun to make a home of the bridge. As the crew determined they would delve further into the hull a call came over Moshta’s comlink. Detta informed the crew that he needed them immediately outside of the crashed ship. Traveling out being much easier than going in the crew came out to an unwelcomed scene.

Detta stood with a familiar gun placed to his head, held by a familiar and mean looking Rodian. The Rodian introduced himself as Yav Yiyar a ranking member of the Rodian Yiyar clan. Eight other members of the clan stood near Yav Yiyar with guns ready, though not yet pointing them upon the crew.

Negotiations commenced and the crew attempted to place themselves into position to respond to the Rodians with force. As the crew put themselves into a closer position they realized that nearby there was no cover and that the barking rats were right behind them and were beginning to growl threateningly toward the crew.

Just as it seemed neither side would give in the negotiation a loud commanding voice told all to cease and stand down. IT-3PO quickly identified the speaker as Captain Harsol, the rough looking scarred war veteran stood tall and imposing, especially as he was flanked by two cyber-nexu and several carbine armed guards.

The discussion quickly turned to Captain Harsol demanding both parties to travel to the Retreat for further discussion on who they were and why they were here. Detta remained with the ship with the statement that if either ship departed the crew and Yav Yiyar would forfeit their lives. As a show of good faith the crew provided medical supplies to the survivors which earned several appreciative and less suspicious looks.

Climbing aboard makeshift river rafts the crew were ushered down river several miles before they came into view of the Retreat. The area was clear and backed up to a 200-foot cliff, gating from one side to the next. Gun emplacements could be seen on the cliff, though it appeared they were either turned off or non-functional. Upon the towers on either side of the gate were droids that were barely recognizable as B1’s as they had so many more components added to their anatomy, all of which were mismatched and gave the droids the appearance of homebrew junkyard designs.

As the crew entered they were quickly made the center of attention of the ragtag band of survivors, the crew heard many whispers and looks of hope amongst the people. Captain Harsol brought everyone into a large meeting hall to discuss their appearance. As the crew began to explain they were there on behalf of Reom, Yav Yiyar tried to implement the suggestion that the crew were there only to salvage not to support. The crew were quickly able to out-maneuver Yav Yiyar and started to explain their goals, once these started to be explained several members of the crowd spoke up against Harsol and his actions upon others who spoke of leaving the planet. Captain Harsol became furious and his eyes began to gloss over a bit.

At this point an Arkanian woman entered the building drawing everyone’s attention to her. She had an obvious cybernetic replacement to her right eye, though she also had several cybernetic enhancements rather than replacements. Once she entered Captain Harsol put an end to the community meeting and asked the crew into a private room to discuss their appearance in greater detail.

The Arkanian woman introduced herself as Cratala, a cybernetic engineer of the once great separatist movement. Upon hearing that the Empire retained control of the core and most of the mid-rim worlds, she and Harsol showed signs of nervousness. As the evening turned into night Harsol bid the crew to sleep while he pondered the impact of their arrival. Cratala noticing Jimo’s cybernetics invited him on a quick tour of her facility, showing him that her research allowed for cybernetic enhancements without the need to remove limbs. After the short tour the crew were led to chambers set aside for their rest for the night…

XP Gained: 18
• 10 for the session
• 1 for defeating the cyber-nexu
• 2 for providing aid to the survivors
• 2 for out-maneuvering Yav Yiyar
• 3 for fun roleplay

Those not in attendance are given 9 xp.

Agoraphobia is Real
Beyond the Rim

The crew came out of hyperspace with alarms ringing and very limited visibility. Jimo quickly realized it was the scanners and jumped onto figuring out what occurred to cause the scanners to go haywire. Within a few minutes Jimo found that the scanners were scrambled due to half of the Chol system being within a nebula. The scanners sent out another alarm as several huge objects showed up on the scan in the path of the G9 Rigger. The crew began to see the huge asteroids appear before them and quickly sent the freighter into evasive maneuvers without any major damage to the ship. Jimo then scanned and found the appropriate planet and the crew made way in the correct direction.

Exiting the nebula the crew saw a planet ahead, its lush green and blue scenery viable from the large distance. Moving to orbit Cholganna Jimo set to scanning and located fabricated metals within one of the northern quadrants of the planet. Once into the atmosphere the crew started search patters as Jimo managed the scanners, looking to narrow down where the ship might have landed. After 3 hours of searching Jimo noticed 3 areas of interest and the crew made their way to the nearest one.

As the crew came closer to the first area of notice Jimo determined that it was likely an escape pod. Landing was a bit problematic due to the foliage, and so they set down nearly a ¼ mile from the site. Upon entering the forest the crew quickly became nervous as they were used to metal corridors and open spaces, plus an underlying feeling of dread raised the crews wariness. Once near the site the crew saw that the escape pod was at the bottom of a 20 foot crevasse and began to climb or monkey their way down. At the bottom the crew saw that the pod was in stagnant water and that there were green flying insects around the pod. Moshta snuck up and saw there was a complete hive of the large insects within the pod and a partially crushed skeleton of a humanoid, where the side wall of the pod was mashed in. After touching a few buttons, Moshta decided the pod had no power. Jimo made an approach, without the stealth Moshta utilized and quickly found a swarm of angry green insects flying at him. The crew immediately went into action shooting at the bugs, and Goram tossed a stun grenade into the pod. With a loud thud which reverberated down to the bones over half of the insects dropped. The rest were quickly dispatched with a mystical push of the air from Moshta, leaving many bugs as splatters on the side of the pod. Jimo was then able to pull out the “black box” and noticed that the pod was of Separatist design and that there were the bones of long dead bodies in the water.

Making their way back up the crevasse was more difficult than the way down, though was done without incident. Though shortly after entering the main part of the forest the crew found themselves being attacked by giant black eight tentacled monstrosities. Within short order Goram managed to take down the first one while taking a slap to the face from the second. A couple blaster shots later the other creature dropped dead to the forest floor. Jimo began wondering what he could do with cyber-technology and creatures such as this.

Once the crew got back inside of the G9 Rigger, they flew over to the next site. Here they found the aft engine section of a cruiser which had become a partial dam to a river running through the hulk. Avoiding landing and any precarious climbing the crew jumped down onto the hulk, Moshta landed easily while Goram slipped and tumbled toward the waterfall and Jimo falling direction through the hulk, creating a hole where previously there wasn’t. Goram quickly caught himself and along with Moshta looked down at Jimo to see if he was in dire straights. The crew seeing that the room Jimo had crashed into was lightly furnished and dry, climbed down to inspect the engine section.

What proceeded was poorly designed and should have been either changed or dismissed out of hand. So we will skip any details on the aft section as nothing of note was found.

Upon nearing the third site the crew noticed that the majority of the mid and front sections of the cruiser were broken apart, though all mostly in the same area. It was also apparent that something had tried to cover the hulk with vines and other vegetation to conceal the crashed cruiser. Landing just near the cruiser the crew along with IT-3PO disembarked and began to investigate the area. After passing underneath a large portion of the hull the crew could feel they were being watched…

XP Gained: 16
- 10 for the session
- 3 for locating the Sa Nalaor
- 3 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance are given 8 xp.

The Wheels on the Bus go...
Beyond the Rim

The crew arrived at the Wheel, an enormous, circular hub and spoke style space station. Docking fees were outrageous though goods and services were within the galactic norm. Aris Shen decided she would spend some time at the Wheel and let Moshta know her status. After a few questions to denizens of the Wheel, the crew found IsoTech and entered the warehouse building. The crew was interviewed on their identities by a CZ administration droid. After the crew revealed their identities the droid hastened to lock the door then lead the crew down the hall to meet with Reom.
Reom ended up being a fairly non-descript blue-skinned Twi’lek male who’s easy manner helped bring the crew to ease. He did however skip right into business. Reom introduced the story of the Sa Nalaor and provided some background on how it was a Separatist Battle Cruiser under the command of Captain Harsol. The good captain over 20 years ago foresaw the end of the Clone Wars and setup a plan with Reom’s father to take Separatist technology and sell it on the blackmarket. It is also surmised that Captain Harsol took Separatist funds and valuables along with a brilliant scientist.
At the end of the Clone Wars, Captain Harsol was nearly trapped by the newly formed Imperial Navy and he barely escaped into hyperspace. The ship was never seen again. Recently a message pod was found outside of the wheel, it had apparently been floating without power for the last 20 years around the Wheel as space junk. When given power the pod identified that it was to be delivered to Reom’s father, and since his father had passed it came to Reom. On the pod was a degraded hologram of Captain Harsol telling Reom’s father that they were in the Chol System and making an emergency landing on Cholganna. It appears as though the lost Sa Nalaor will be found on the planet of the nexu.
This is when the bargaining began, Moshta was able to conclude with Reom a payment of 12,500 credits, 25% up front, a modest discount on IsoTech products legitimate and illegitimate for 5 years. Also that they would share in any valuables found 50/50. Reom informed the crew that a droid IT-3PO would accompany them, the droid belonged to Reom’s father and could positively identify Captain Harsol. The droid was on assignment helping Reom’s sister Shira to negotiate resource deals with some tribals on a primitive planet.
The crew left IsoTech and got right to shopping for necessary supplies. After obtaining what they needed they went to a local casino the Starlit Plaza to attempt finding more information. Detta went to enjoy the “penny” slots, Goram found good whiskey, and Moshta went for the high stakes sabac. He was not only able to win a decent amount, he also managed to talk to the Duros bookie named Jokol. Jokol once dreamed of finding the Sa Nalaor and told Moshta of the supposed wealth the ship possessed, wealth that he would truly want to be part of or witness. As the crew left the Casino they spotted a Rodian who quickly darted down an alley. The crew followed though the Rodian was nowhere to be seen. Some colorful discussion occurred with a street thug and the crew found that the Rodian was a member of the Yiyar Clan, a group of Rodians that operated mostly on the blackmarket selling technological supplies and devices.
The crew began loading up the ship, Goram noticed a maintenance droid heading toward the G9 Rigger and yelled at it, the droid quickly dropped something and made a run for it, just before it got to an air duct Goram disabled the droid with an expertly placed shot. Loading up the droid into the ship, Goram then went to see about putting the obvious tracking device onto someone else’s Firespray.
Just as Goram got back to the ship and the crew had finished loading supplies Goram heard a cry and a thump from the other side of the door. He quickly went through the door and noticed two human guards wearing IsoTech emblems and a group of Rodians getting a grav sled going. From his vantage point Goram could see the Rodians had a droid matching the description of IT-3PO. He quick-drew his sidearms and yelled for the rest of the crew to aid him. The chase was hampered by the crowd and blaster fire, the Rodians used stun setting and managed to almost get the droid away when Goram put down the driver. In response a scarred Rodian with a wicked looking blaster made a shot at Goram and knocked the gunslinger flat on his rump. Detta noticing that the tide could change with Goram falling down poured all his luck into a blaster shot that managed to knock the Rodian’s weapon from his hand. At this the sirens of the Wheel Security could be heard and the surviving Rodians immediately disappeared.
The crew took the hint and freed the droid and revived Goram, then quickly getting on board the G9 Rigger to flee the Wheel. As the crew took off Detta managed to show his piloting skills as he avoided incoming traffic and moved out into open space. The coms began to blink and Goram against Moshta’s wishes turned on the coms to hear the Wheel Security state the crew to stand down and return to the Wheel. Up ahead Detta noticed two starfighters changing course to make a pass at the crew’s ship. The Z-95 Headhunters made warning shots but the crew kept moving, noticing that a hyperspace jump would be possible within just a few more seconds. Someone had programmed the astrogation computer with coordinates. Moshta tried to convince Goram to shoot upon the Wheel Security and Goram refused, though helped Detta to pilot the sluggish G9 as the Headhunters put a few shots into the ships rear, just as the Headhunters got lined up Detta was able to engage the hyperspace engines and the crew was away…

XP Gained: 35
- 10 for the session
- 5 for digging up clues on the Sa Nalaor
- 10 for saving IT-3PO from the Yiyar clan
- 5 putting the homing beacon on a different ship
- 5 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance are given 18 xp.

Marican Standoff
The Jewel of Yavin

As always the order of events are as I remember them and may not be accurate.

The galla at the Figg & Associates Art Museum was a re-splendid affair with sparkling wine, horderves, and plenty of Cloud City upper class citizens. The crew quickly sees some of the bidders and within timely fashion the remaining make their entrance. Both Kaltho and Vorse making the largest entrances. One with style & opulence, the other with gruff abandon. The crew made an attempt to let Kaltho know that someone at the auction was representing Thakba, and when approached by Kaltho’s protocol droid, pretended they knew nothing. Moshta noticed Pos Podura slink by and ignored the poor Twilek, while Goram found an opportunity to approach Vorse. As the auction began the crew tried to think of methods for bringing the auction higher. Goram took the opportunity to share in some Corellian whisky with Vorse, not realizing he was putting himself into serious danger of becoming completely inebriated. Moshta attempted to converse with Shreya Ordassa and though he discovered her interests in rocks, he was quickly shunned as an uneducated distraction. At this point it looked like the only bidder the team could influence was Vorse. Goram recognized the risk of getting quite inebriated and paid off the bartender to provide him colored water instead of Corellian Whisky.

As the bidding proceeded, the Shens made an appearance. It became quickly obvious that Marus was not happy to see the Shens and made a point to have them watched. Soon the the crew heard a disturbance in the main hall. Goram took the opportunity to leave Vorse and Moshta at the bar. What Goram and Jimo saw was Shreya and a Chagrain staring daggers at each other, it was obvious that Shreya had tossed some liquid on the Chagrain. Two bidding bots showed up and yet both never even noticed the droids on that round of bidding. Jimo was able to get into a conversation with the Chagrain who ended up being Mil Mikkir one of the bidders. Jimo listened to Mil’s complaints on women and lent a consoling ear. This prompted Mil to bid more than he had originally planned to bid.

Meanwhile Moshta got away from Vorse and found himself at the mercy of Aris Shen. She made certain to stir his emotions before checking on her belligerent husband. Moshta and Goram made their way to where the Jewel of Yavin was on display and each saw their quarry. Goram noticed a slim yet curvy female form covered in a silver shining dress, while Moshta noticed the ISB agent Zekra Fol in her attire as a Mining Guild representative. In true retrospective format (aka destiny point) Moshta and Goram setup that Goram would create a diversion to allow Moshta to perform a bid for Vorse who was showing signs of extreme drunkiness. Goram took the opportunity to speak with Chara Tull and flirt in a straightforward yet innocuous way. Goram took the opportunity to create a distraction by requesting Chara to dance and managing to take over the dance floor in the main hall. This allowed Moshta to bring the bidding up another step. Jimo looking around the area found himself trapped by Zekra Fol, who bid him take a datapad to Kaltho the Hutt. Jimo hesitantly took the datapad and in true Jimo fashion broke into the coding to find that Kaltho had apparently been involved with the ISB in the past and that they request his aid in obtaining information on Marus Grayson. Other than that he could not obtain more information as the text had some hidden meanings beyond his understanding. As the bidding came to a close Goram bid farewell to his new intriguing interest, Chara who left him with a statement that “next time maybe I will take you down”.

The crew was contacted by Arend Shen who came across as excited and elated at the crew’s success. He sent an air transport to carry them to meet at the main Star Port of Cloud City. After some discussion on whether to trust Arend or not, the crew board the vehicle and await travel to the star port. As the vehicle begins to travel Jimo notices that there is a weird humming to the vehicle, he inspects and finds nothing initially. Goram not trusting the situation tosses the piloting droid out of the driver’s seat and gets Deta at the helm. Finally Jimo finds the source of the noise, a count down device which can only be a bomb is ticking down. In his haste Jimo fails to disarm the bomb, though does delay the timer. Deta misses the first landing and BOOM the bomb goes off destroying much of the power to the air transport. Deta manages to find a park to crash into a pool of water and the crew survives the landing.

Shortly after getting out of the quickly flooding transport Moshta receives a call from Aris, she whispers to him, “I cannot talk long, father has apparently decided to remove any loose ends, I have the fortune of being his daughter. There are some of father’s thugs headed your way, apparently to pull the gem from the wreckage of the air car…” Moshta hears a bit of shuffling then, “I believe we are headed to the starport for father to take his leave of the system as things cool down, be careful he will almost certainly know you are coming and will not be afraid to use the Winged Guard to detain your team”. Within moments an Arrow-7 Airspeeder quickly comes in and hovers over the wreckage, the crew can see there is a light repeating blaster mounted on the back, this is not the Winged Guard. After noticing there is nobody on board the wreckage the airspeeder travels toward the nearest parked air cars that the crew were headed toward. Combat ensues and Goram manages to take out Arend’s thugs without destroying the airspeeder. Jimo quickly gets the airspeeder into working order after removing the mounted gun, and the crew quickly decides their course of action. Should they flee now or seek out Arend?

The crew decided to find Arend and deal with his treachery, maybe rescue Aris if possible, well Moshta wanted to, Goram wanted to end all Shens. Upon arriving at the star port Moshta reached out to the force and identified that he would find what he was looking for in an area of much change. After aimlessly traveling around the star port the crew saw a sign for the Grand Galaxy Holo-Park, “see some of the marvelous sites of the galaxy in our holographic park”. The crew headed toward the park, entering as the landscape showed as giant trees with rope walkways. Looking down showed no bottom and the footing seemed weird as it was more solid than the hologram made it appear. Soon the whole scenery instantly changed to flowing hills, wide rivers, and manta-ray looking flying beasts, and also Arend Shen. The crew began conversation with Arend and quickly noticed Aris bound and on her knees with three K4 security droids standing guard. Within moments from over a hill to the left came Marus Grayson and his security team. After a few harsh words the guns came out and so did the Winged Guard from behind. They told all to cease and surrender. Just then the scenery changed again to crystal spires and thousands of colorfully clad humanoids walking about their daily activities, this triggered the standoff into blaster fire. As the crew found cover another group showed up, Vorses’ thugs, who immediately began pushing toward the Shens while firing at Grayson’s team and the crew. The Winged Guard started with stun, but quickly switched over to deadly force. The crew focused on the Shens and found the K4 droids much tougher than expected. With a determined focus Moshta reached out with the force and caused Arend to stand still for a moment as Goram put two blaster shots into the Pantoran man, one in the chest, the other in his head. With Arend down the crew took a few hits and quickly realized they were caught well in the middle of a firefight they might not survive. All of a sudden the holographic world sent haywire and it was nearly impossible to see much of anything. Out from a holographic image a hand grabbed Jimo’s arm, which was quickly followed by the form of Zekra Fol the ISB agent. She stated to Jimo, “flee now to dock 33L or remain and face the Winged Guard, make your decision now”. Jimo turned to Moshta who nodded. First Goram and Moshta ran forward toward where the Shen’s were, Moshta hefting a bound Aris and Goram slinging a dead Arend over his shoulder. The crew made a run for it and escaped in the confusion.

As the crew entered the landing dock 33L they saw with much dismay an outdated banged up G9 Rigger Light Freighter, with little to complain about the crew boarded the ship and took off from the star port. Moshta directed Deta to go pickup his ship, upon arriving at the landing dock area the crew could all see that the Winged Guard had the area on lockdown. Jimo reached out to Whiner and found that the droid was safe but would need a pickup. Whiner could see that the ship had a landing clamp attached and there were many Winged Guard in the area. It did not look possible to get the ship free without killing many of the Winged Guard. The whole crew looked at the Forgotten Fate with sad eyes as they turned away to pickup Whiner. Upon picking up Whiner the crew added one more as Whiner had “convinced” the Banking droid to join up with the crew. The droid knowing it had thrown its lot in with the crew decided it would fill whatever role so long as it was not decommissioned.

The crew headed out to space and received an encrypted note for Moshta, “deliver the gem to Formos details will be provided”. With knowing that the Jewel of Yavin would be difficult to find a buyer who wouldn’t just kill the crew, they headed off for Formos. Upon arriving a Formos the crew was met by and old acquaintance, Snoo the Devorian, outside of town. Regretfully handing over the packaged gem to Snoo. Snoo turned to Jimo and stated, "someone left this for you, they described you well enough and knew you had been on Formos. I know not who they were but as everyone around here knows me as the “individual in the know” they were eventually directed to me to hand over to you when you returned" the Devorian smiles and says, “interesting how I manage to have this when your returning to deliver a package”. With no deceit noticed by the crew, Snoo handed a data chip to Jimo and left the crew to their thoughts. Jimo hooking up the data chip to a data pad was greeted by a message from a known acquaintance, who provided Jimo with his first cybernetic parts for his arms, Roem. Roem owns a tech company called Isotech, though provides tech on the black market to supplement his income. Roem states, “I have information which could lead to more than just a bit of gank approved enhancements, come see me on The Wheel”…

XP Gained: 40
- 10 for the session
- 5 allying with Aris Shen
- 15 tracking down and defeating Arend Shen
- 5 escaping Cloud City with the Jewel of Yavin
- 5 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance (aka new characters as everyone attended) are given 20 xp.

Destiny Flies
Jewel of Yavin

So the story began with Jimothy setting up his workstation on the YT-2400, after several hours Jimothy ended up very happy with his new work area and specialized tool sets. Goram took advantage of Jimothy’s updated work space and had him upgrade two of his pistols. Jimothy was more than happy to help out, though he definitely still has in his mind that he would rather be putting cybernetics on rather than gun attachments.
So after a month of planning and conniving the crew finally entered the Cloud City Grand Prix! The fan fair was huge and the turnout much larger than the crew was expecting. The teams that raced in this 30,000 credit race were the Storm Hawks, Carbine, Tarryn Rayzer, and Team “Uh” (Detta isn’t very good with people). All other teams having either not been willing to pay the entry fee or not having the right connections to be in the race, with more than a couple dropped out specifically due to the Carbine team.

And they are off! The Carbine team jumped out ahead immediately making a first leg lead to the second buoy. Being a bit overconfident and not expecting the competition to be so blood thirsty, the Carbine team was promptly disabled by a spray of blaster cannon from the Storm Hawk team. Garren promptly chided Chara as being charged with a felony and relying on blaster fire to win the race is a huge crimp on Garren’s style. The first two buoys presented no great threats other than team Uh pumping out smoke, causing the other two race teams to have difficulty keeping up. Team Tarryn Razer managed to get a good shot onto team Uh’s cloud car, knocking out the smoke generator, and soon the Storm Hawk team was able to gain the advantage. As the racers moved toward the fourth buoy large insect like creatures swarmed into the flight path. The difficult maneuvers set the Tarryn Razer team back and provided a stronger lead to the Storm Hawks, team Uh managing to maintain their second place. The teams quickly noticed huge creatures the size of freighters floating into the flight path as they approached buoy five. Both teams behind the Storm Hawks open fired, team Uh firing at the Storm Hawks to cause disruption to their flying and team Tarryn Razer firing at a huge floating jellyfish creature. The creature exploded when hit and cause a shockwave that cause all teams to make evasive maneuvers to avoid damage to their cloud cars. The racers navigating through the huge creatures enter the portion between buoy five and six, the area looking clear at first. It quickly becomes apparent that there are highly volatile gas pockets and the Storm Hawk team barely managing to avoid slowing down while the other teams slip further behind. In the last leg of the race the racers see large creatures similar to manta rays though with huge jaws with hundreds of teeth charging directly at their cloud cars. Storm Hawks manage to shoot down one as does Tarryn Rayzor, while team Uh knowing the end of the race is near make a desperate gambit and put everything on the line to take out the Storm Hawks. Using every ounce of luck and guidance from the galaxy the duo of Detta and Goram manage to not only avoid the monstrous beasts, they also made a direct hit on the Storm Hawks cloud car, doing heavy damage and causing both Storm Hawks to become disoriented from the turbulence. Being shaken up the Storm Hawks fail to avoid the creature charging in at them and it manages to strike their cloud car with an ionized burst causing just enough damage to disable their cloud car, sending the Storm Hawk team down toward the depths as a chaser rescue vehicle dives in to bring the Storm Hawks to safety. Team Uh manage to win the race and land amidst a huge crowd of reporters and fans of the race, all amazed that the unknown team managed to pull out a win.

  • When asked “how does it feel to win?” Detta responded with a simple sheepish “hi?
  • When asked “To what do you attribute your victory?” After a long pause Detta blurted out “blasters!
  • When asked “what do you think gave you the edge over the other racers?”. Detta responded “turtle.
    Goram with his blast helmet down tried to avoid the questions and attention. Noticing that the Storm Hawks team being brought in safely by a rescue cloud car, Goram grabbed up some of the sparkly wine, three glass and headed toward the would be winners. As Goram approached Garren the Storm Hawks pilot was throwing a hissy fit and tossed down his helmet, he walked right by Goram ignoring him and nearly screaming his disapproval. Goram then approached the ever calm Chara Tull offering her a glass of sparkling wine.
    Chara, “to what do we drink to?
    Goram, “surviving the race
    Chara, “I can drink to that
    Goram, “would you willingly attend the gala?
    Chara, “I presume as your guest? I would not want to show up and be turned away.
    Goram, “I assure you that you will be provided entry.

XP Gained: 32
- 10 for the session
- 15 for winning the Grand Prix
- 5 for assisting with the race
- 2 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance (aka new characters as everyone attended) are given 16xp.


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