Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Agoraphobia is Real

Beyond the Rim

The crew came out of hyperspace with alarms ringing and very limited visibility. Jimo quickly realized it was the scanners and jumped onto figuring out what occurred to cause the scanners to go haywire. Within a few minutes Jimo found that the scanners were scrambled due to half of the Chol system being within a nebula. The scanners sent out another alarm as several huge objects showed up on the scan in the path of the G9 Rigger. The crew began to see the huge asteroids appear before them and quickly sent the freighter into evasive maneuvers without any major damage to the ship. Jimo then scanned and found the appropriate planet and the crew made way in the correct direction.

Exiting the nebula the crew saw a planet ahead, its lush green and blue scenery viable from the large distance. Moving to orbit Cholganna Jimo set to scanning and located fabricated metals within one of the northern quadrants of the planet. Once into the atmosphere the crew started search patters as Jimo managed the scanners, looking to narrow down where the ship might have landed. After 3 hours of searching Jimo noticed 3 areas of interest and the crew made their way to the nearest one.

As the crew came closer to the first area of notice Jimo determined that it was likely an escape pod. Landing was a bit problematic due to the foliage, and so they set down nearly a ¼ mile from the site. Upon entering the forest the crew quickly became nervous as they were used to metal corridors and open spaces, plus an underlying feeling of dread raised the crews wariness. Once near the site the crew saw that the escape pod was at the bottom of a 20 foot crevasse and began to climb or monkey their way down. At the bottom the crew saw that the pod was in stagnant water and that there were green flying insects around the pod. Moshta snuck up and saw there was a complete hive of the large insects within the pod and a partially crushed skeleton of a humanoid, where the side wall of the pod was mashed in. After touching a few buttons, Moshta decided the pod had no power. Jimo made an approach, without the stealth Moshta utilized and quickly found a swarm of angry green insects flying at him. The crew immediately went into action shooting at the bugs, and Goram tossed a stun grenade into the pod. With a loud thud which reverberated down to the bones over half of the insects dropped. The rest were quickly dispatched with a mystical push of the air from Moshta, leaving many bugs as splatters on the side of the pod. Jimo was then able to pull out the “black box” and noticed that the pod was of Separatist design and that there were the bones of long dead bodies in the water.

Making their way back up the crevasse was more difficult than the way down, though was done without incident. Though shortly after entering the main part of the forest the crew found themselves being attacked by giant black eight tentacled monstrosities. Within short order Goram managed to take down the first one while taking a slap to the face from the second. A couple blaster shots later the other creature dropped dead to the forest floor. Jimo began wondering what he could do with cyber-technology and creatures such as this.

Once the crew got back inside of the G9 Rigger, they flew over to the next site. Here they found the aft engine section of a cruiser which had become a partial dam to a river running through the hulk. Avoiding landing and any precarious climbing the crew jumped down onto the hulk, Moshta landed easily while Goram slipped and tumbled toward the waterfall and Jimo falling direction through the hulk, creating a hole where previously there wasn’t. Goram quickly caught himself and along with Moshta looked down at Jimo to see if he was in dire straights. The crew seeing that the room Jimo had crashed into was lightly furnished and dry, climbed down to inspect the engine section.

What proceeded was poorly designed and should have been either changed or dismissed out of hand. So we will skip any details on the aft section as nothing of note was found.

Upon nearing the third site the crew noticed that the majority of the mid and front sections of the cruiser were broken apart, though all mostly in the same area. It was also apparent that something had tried to cover the hulk with vines and other vegetation to conceal the crashed cruiser. Landing just near the cruiser the crew along with IT-3PO disembarked and began to investigate the area. After passing underneath a large portion of the hull the crew could feel they were being watched…

XP Gained: 16
- 10 for the session
- 3 for locating the Sa Nalaor
- 3 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance are given 8 xp.



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