Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Big Cats.. Cybernetics.. Oh My!

Beyond the Rim

With barely any warning a huge cat with a large nearly smiling maw, leapt down to maul Moshta. As the creature dropped down it became apparent that it had been cybernetically enhanced with electrified claws. The creature slammed into Moshta knocking him down with is sheer power and raking his skin while sending electricity into his body. Goram quickly brought his guns to bear though his quick reaction did not allow him to get both shots into the creature, the monster staggered though did not fall.

Immediately another cyber-nexu appeared from around a large piece of hull, this one showing off 3 cybernetically enhanced tails, each tail ending in a heavy ball. The second creature rushed at Goram and managed to nearly knock the gunslinger down with three rapid strikes to his chest from its tail. Goram made sure this cyber-nexu stopped breathing with two shots to the head. As the first creature was dispatched with a well-placed shot from Jimo, another appeared from high up on the hulk of the Sa Nalaor, leaping down toward Jimo. This cyber-nexu had an even larger more intimidating mouth full of metal teeth and cyber enhanced jaws. The trajectory of the leap gave Jimo enough room to barely escape having one or more of his cyberlimbs from being severed from his body. Once again Goram proved his ability to take out any threats to the crew as he placed several good shots into the creature’s flank and head, dropping it immediately.

With the threat neutralized the crew took the opportunity to go indoors from the approaching night and headed back to the G9 Rigger. Jimo tried to find a method for taking some of the cybernetics from the nexu with him. Unfortunately, the cybernetics were more enhancements to limbs vs replacements and could not be removed without potentially damaging the hardware. With a sad sigh Jimo left the three bodies behind. After a night of fitful sleep listening to the various disturbing sounds of the Cholganna forest, the crew gathered up their wits and courage and made their way back to the crash site.

Upon arriving at the crash site Jimo eyes widened as he saw that several dozen large rat like creatures were eating away at the cyber-nexu bodies. As the crew approached the giant rats began to growl and the crew gave them a wide berth, Jimo got even sadder.

The crew then looked to find a way into the existing hull of the Sa Nalaor. After a couple hours they found the shaft of an escape pod that would allow relatively safe entry into the hull. The climb ended up being a little more precarious than originally thought, so Moshta pulled on his knowledge of an ancient religion to assist Goram in ascending the shaft. Once the crew managed to enter the hull they found themselves in a T junction with a ladder leading upwards, one path led starboard, another port side, the path leading further into the hull quickly ended in an impassable crushed hallway.

Going starboard the crew ran into areas where the hull integrity was compromised, after having Jimo nearly fall through, they were able to progress to the end of the hallway. This ended in a room which was identified as the Sensor Array Control room, all the equipment inside having been crushed or destroyed by the elements and time.

Underneath a tarp the crew found old rusted tools, which had obviously been used to remove some components from the computer systems. It appeared this occurred sometime after the initial crash. Jimo was able to scavenge the equipment and found data-cores that might still retain information. After performing some jury-rigging he was able to view the information and found the scans of hundreds of worlds and systems in the data-cores. Without an understanding of which stars or systems were scanned he could not correlate the data to anything within his knowledge.

Heading to the port side, Goram enjoyed the experience of finding the barking rats nest, luckily they were all busy eating cyber-nexu and he only had to endure their feces and not their bites. Traveling port side the crew found a security station which had been cleared of the lockers and other equipment, further along the crew found themselves in the bridge of the crashed cruiser.

With all the transparenteel windows broken the flora and elements had begun to make a home of the bridge. As the crew determined they would delve further into the hull a call came over Moshta’s comlink. Detta informed the crew that he needed them immediately outside of the crashed ship. Traveling out being much easier than going in the crew came out to an unwelcomed scene.

Detta stood with a familiar gun placed to his head, held by a familiar and mean looking Rodian. The Rodian introduced himself as Yav Yiyar a ranking member of the Rodian Yiyar clan. Eight other members of the clan stood near Yav Yiyar with guns ready, though not yet pointing them upon the crew.

Negotiations commenced and the crew attempted to place themselves into position to respond to the Rodians with force. As the crew put themselves into a closer position they realized that nearby there was no cover and that the barking rats were right behind them and were beginning to growl threateningly toward the crew.

Just as it seemed neither side would give in the negotiation a loud commanding voice told all to cease and stand down. IT-3PO quickly identified the speaker as Captain Harsol, the rough looking scarred war veteran stood tall and imposing, especially as he was flanked by two cyber-nexu and several carbine armed guards.

The discussion quickly turned to Captain Harsol demanding both parties to travel to the Retreat for further discussion on who they were and why they were here. Detta remained with the ship with the statement that if either ship departed the crew and Yav Yiyar would forfeit their lives. As a show of good faith the crew provided medical supplies to the survivors which earned several appreciative and less suspicious looks.

Climbing aboard makeshift river rafts the crew were ushered down river several miles before they came into view of the Retreat. The area was clear and backed up to a 200-foot cliff, gating from one side to the next. Gun emplacements could be seen on the cliff, though it appeared they were either turned off or non-functional. Upon the towers on either side of the gate were droids that were barely recognizable as B1’s as they had so many more components added to their anatomy, all of which were mismatched and gave the droids the appearance of homebrew junkyard designs.

As the crew entered they were quickly made the center of attention of the ragtag band of survivors, the crew heard many whispers and looks of hope amongst the people. Captain Harsol brought everyone into a large meeting hall to discuss their appearance. As the crew began to explain they were there on behalf of Reom, Yav Yiyar tried to implement the suggestion that the crew were there only to salvage not to support. The crew were quickly able to out-maneuver Yav Yiyar and started to explain their goals, once these started to be explained several members of the crowd spoke up against Harsol and his actions upon others who spoke of leaving the planet. Captain Harsol became furious and his eyes began to gloss over a bit.

At this point an Arkanian woman entered the building drawing everyone’s attention to her. She had an obvious cybernetic replacement to her right eye, though she also had several cybernetic enhancements rather than replacements. Once she entered Captain Harsol put an end to the community meeting and asked the crew into a private room to discuss their appearance in greater detail.

The Arkanian woman introduced herself as Cratala, a cybernetic engineer of the once great separatist movement. Upon hearing that the Empire retained control of the core and most of the mid-rim worlds, she and Harsol showed signs of nervousness. As the evening turned into night Harsol bid the crew to sleep while he pondered the impact of their arrival. Cratala noticing Jimo’s cybernetics invited him on a quick tour of her facility, showing him that her research allowed for cybernetic enhancements without the need to remove limbs. After the short tour the crew were led to chambers set aside for their rest for the night…

XP Gained: 18
• 10 for the session
• 1 for defeating the cyber-nexu
• 2 for providing aid to the survivors
• 2 for out-maneuvering Yav Yiyar
• 3 for fun roleplay

Those not in attendance are given 9 xp.



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