Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Destiny Flies

Jewel of Yavin

So the story began with Jimothy setting up his workstation on the YT-2400, after several hours Jimothy ended up very happy with his new work area and specialized tool sets. Goram took advantage of Jimothy’s updated work space and had him upgrade two of his pistols. Jimothy was more than happy to help out, though he definitely still has in his mind that he would rather be putting cybernetics on rather than gun attachments.
So after a month of planning and conniving the crew finally entered the Cloud City Grand Prix! The fan fair was huge and the turnout much larger than the crew was expecting. The teams that raced in this 30,000 credit race were the Storm Hawks, Carbine, Tarryn Rayzer, and Team “Uh” (Detta isn’t very good with people). All other teams having either not been willing to pay the entry fee or not having the right connections to be in the race, with more than a couple dropped out specifically due to the Carbine team.

And they are off! The Carbine team jumped out ahead immediately making a first leg lead to the second buoy. Being a bit overconfident and not expecting the competition to be so blood thirsty, the Carbine team was promptly disabled by a spray of blaster cannon from the Storm Hawk team. Garren promptly chided Chara as being charged with a felony and relying on blaster fire to win the race is a huge crimp on Garren’s style. The first two buoys presented no great threats other than team Uh pumping out smoke, causing the other two race teams to have difficulty keeping up. Team Tarryn Razer managed to get a good shot onto team Uh’s cloud car, knocking out the smoke generator, and soon the Storm Hawk team was able to gain the advantage. As the racers moved toward the fourth buoy large insect like creatures swarmed into the flight path. The difficult maneuvers set the Tarryn Razer team back and provided a stronger lead to the Storm Hawks, team Uh managing to maintain their second place. The teams quickly noticed huge creatures the size of freighters floating into the flight path as they approached buoy five. Both teams behind the Storm Hawks open fired, team Uh firing at the Storm Hawks to cause disruption to their flying and team Tarryn Razer firing at a huge floating jellyfish creature. The creature exploded when hit and cause a shockwave that cause all teams to make evasive maneuvers to avoid damage to their cloud cars. The racers navigating through the huge creatures enter the portion between buoy five and six, the area looking clear at first. It quickly becomes apparent that there are highly volatile gas pockets and the Storm Hawk team barely managing to avoid slowing down while the other teams slip further behind. In the last leg of the race the racers see large creatures similar to manta rays though with huge jaws with hundreds of teeth charging directly at their cloud cars. Storm Hawks manage to shoot down one as does Tarryn Rayzor, while team Uh knowing the end of the race is near make a desperate gambit and put everything on the line to take out the Storm Hawks. Using every ounce of luck and guidance from the galaxy the duo of Detta and Goram manage to not only avoid the monstrous beasts, they also made a direct hit on the Storm Hawks cloud car, doing heavy damage and causing both Storm Hawks to become disoriented from the turbulence. Being shaken up the Storm Hawks fail to avoid the creature charging in at them and it manages to strike their cloud car with an ionized burst causing just enough damage to disable their cloud car, sending the Storm Hawk team down toward the depths as a chaser rescue vehicle dives in to bring the Storm Hawks to safety. Team Uh manage to win the race and land amidst a huge crowd of reporters and fans of the race, all amazed that the unknown team managed to pull out a win.

  • When asked “how does it feel to win?” Detta responded with a simple sheepish “hi?
  • When asked “To what do you attribute your victory?” After a long pause Detta blurted out “blasters!
  • When asked “what do you think gave you the edge over the other racers?”. Detta responded “turtle.
    Goram with his blast helmet down tried to avoid the questions and attention. Noticing that the Storm Hawks team being brought in safely by a rescue cloud car, Goram grabbed up some of the sparkly wine, three glass and headed toward the would be winners. As Goram approached Garren the Storm Hawks pilot was throwing a hissy fit and tossed down his helmet, he walked right by Goram ignoring him and nearly screaming his disapproval. Goram then approached the ever calm Chara Tull offering her a glass of sparkling wine.
    Chara, “to what do we drink to?
    Goram, “surviving the race
    Chara, “I can drink to that
    Goram, “would you willingly attend the gala?
    Chara, “I presume as your guest? I would not want to show up and be turned away.
    Goram, “I assure you that you will be provided entry.

XP Gained: 32
- 10 for the session
- 15 for winning the Grand Prix
- 5 for assisting with the race
- 2 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance (aka new characters as everyone attended) are given 16xp.



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