Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Marican Standoff

The Jewel of Yavin

As always the order of events are as I remember them and may not be accurate.

The galla at the Figg & Associates Art Museum was a re-splendid affair with sparkling wine, horderves, and plenty of Cloud City upper class citizens. The crew quickly sees some of the bidders and within timely fashion the remaining make their entrance. Both Kaltho and Vorse making the largest entrances. One with style & opulence, the other with gruff abandon. The crew made an attempt to let Kaltho know that someone at the auction was representing Thakba, and when approached by Kaltho’s protocol droid, pretended they knew nothing. Moshta noticed Pos Podura slink by and ignored the poor Twilek, while Goram found an opportunity to approach Vorse. As the auction began the crew tried to think of methods for bringing the auction higher. Goram took the opportunity to share in some Corellian whisky with Vorse, not realizing he was putting himself into serious danger of becoming completely inebriated. Moshta attempted to converse with Shreya Ordassa and though he discovered her interests in rocks, he was quickly shunned as an uneducated distraction. At this point it looked like the only bidder the team could influence was Vorse. Goram recognized the risk of getting quite inebriated and paid off the bartender to provide him colored water instead of Corellian Whisky.

As the bidding proceeded, the Shens made an appearance. It became quickly obvious that Marus was not happy to see the Shens and made a point to have them watched. Soon the the crew heard a disturbance in the main hall. Goram took the opportunity to leave Vorse and Moshta at the bar. What Goram and Jimo saw was Shreya and a Chagrain staring daggers at each other, it was obvious that Shreya had tossed some liquid on the Chagrain. Two bidding bots showed up and yet both never even noticed the droids on that round of bidding. Jimo was able to get into a conversation with the Chagrain who ended up being Mil Mikkir one of the bidders. Jimo listened to Mil’s complaints on women and lent a consoling ear. This prompted Mil to bid more than he had originally planned to bid.

Meanwhile Moshta got away from Vorse and found himself at the mercy of Aris Shen. She made certain to stir his emotions before checking on her belligerent husband. Moshta and Goram made their way to where the Jewel of Yavin was on display and each saw their quarry. Goram noticed a slim yet curvy female form covered in a silver shining dress, while Moshta noticed the ISB agent Zekra Fol in her attire as a Mining Guild representative. In true retrospective format (aka destiny point) Moshta and Goram setup that Goram would create a diversion to allow Moshta to perform a bid for Vorse who was showing signs of extreme drunkiness. Goram took the opportunity to speak with Chara Tull and flirt in a straightforward yet innocuous way. Goram took the opportunity to create a distraction by requesting Chara to dance and managing to take over the dance floor in the main hall. This allowed Moshta to bring the bidding up another step. Jimo looking around the area found himself trapped by Zekra Fol, who bid him take a datapad to Kaltho the Hutt. Jimo hesitantly took the datapad and in true Jimo fashion broke into the coding to find that Kaltho had apparently been involved with the ISB in the past and that they request his aid in obtaining information on Marus Grayson. Other than that he could not obtain more information as the text had some hidden meanings beyond his understanding. As the bidding came to a close Goram bid farewell to his new intriguing interest, Chara who left him with a statement that “next time maybe I will take you down”.

The crew was contacted by Arend Shen who came across as excited and elated at the crew’s success. He sent an air transport to carry them to meet at the main Star Port of Cloud City. After some discussion on whether to trust Arend or not, the crew board the vehicle and await travel to the star port. As the vehicle begins to travel Jimo notices that there is a weird humming to the vehicle, he inspects and finds nothing initially. Goram not trusting the situation tosses the piloting droid out of the driver’s seat and gets Deta at the helm. Finally Jimo finds the source of the noise, a count down device which can only be a bomb is ticking down. In his haste Jimo fails to disarm the bomb, though does delay the timer. Deta misses the first landing and BOOM the bomb goes off destroying much of the power to the air transport. Deta manages to find a park to crash into a pool of water and the crew survives the landing.

Shortly after getting out of the quickly flooding transport Moshta receives a call from Aris, she whispers to him, “I cannot talk long, father has apparently decided to remove any loose ends, I have the fortune of being his daughter. There are some of father’s thugs headed your way, apparently to pull the gem from the wreckage of the air car…” Moshta hears a bit of shuffling then, “I believe we are headed to the starport for father to take his leave of the system as things cool down, be careful he will almost certainly know you are coming and will not be afraid to use the Winged Guard to detain your team”. Within moments an Arrow-7 Airspeeder quickly comes in and hovers over the wreckage, the crew can see there is a light repeating blaster mounted on the back, this is not the Winged Guard. After noticing there is nobody on board the wreckage the airspeeder travels toward the nearest parked air cars that the crew were headed toward. Combat ensues and Goram manages to take out Arend’s thugs without destroying the airspeeder. Jimo quickly gets the airspeeder into working order after removing the mounted gun, and the crew quickly decides their course of action. Should they flee now or seek out Arend?

The crew decided to find Arend and deal with his treachery, maybe rescue Aris if possible, well Moshta wanted to, Goram wanted to end all Shens. Upon arriving at the star port Moshta reached out to the force and identified that he would find what he was looking for in an area of much change. After aimlessly traveling around the star port the crew saw a sign for the Grand Galaxy Holo-Park, “see some of the marvelous sites of the galaxy in our holographic park”. The crew headed toward the park, entering as the landscape showed as giant trees with rope walkways. Looking down showed no bottom and the footing seemed weird as it was more solid than the hologram made it appear. Soon the whole scenery instantly changed to flowing hills, wide rivers, and manta-ray looking flying beasts, and also Arend Shen. The crew began conversation with Arend and quickly noticed Aris bound and on her knees with three K4 security droids standing guard. Within moments from over a hill to the left came Marus Grayson and his security team. After a few harsh words the guns came out and so did the Winged Guard from behind. They told all to cease and surrender. Just then the scenery changed again to crystal spires and thousands of colorfully clad humanoids walking about their daily activities, this triggered the standoff into blaster fire. As the crew found cover another group showed up, Vorses’ thugs, who immediately began pushing toward the Shens while firing at Grayson’s team and the crew. The Winged Guard started with stun, but quickly switched over to deadly force. The crew focused on the Shens and found the K4 droids much tougher than expected. With a determined focus Moshta reached out with the force and caused Arend to stand still for a moment as Goram put two blaster shots into the Pantoran man, one in the chest, the other in his head. With Arend down the crew took a few hits and quickly realized they were caught well in the middle of a firefight they might not survive. All of a sudden the holographic world sent haywire and it was nearly impossible to see much of anything. Out from a holographic image a hand grabbed Jimo’s arm, which was quickly followed by the form of Zekra Fol the ISB agent. She stated to Jimo, “flee now to dock 33L or remain and face the Winged Guard, make your decision now”. Jimo turned to Moshta who nodded. First Goram and Moshta ran forward toward where the Shen’s were, Moshta hefting a bound Aris and Goram slinging a dead Arend over his shoulder. The crew made a run for it and escaped in the confusion.

As the crew entered the landing dock 33L they saw with much dismay an outdated banged up G9 Rigger Light Freighter, with little to complain about the crew boarded the ship and took off from the star port. Moshta directed Deta to go pickup his ship, upon arriving at the landing dock area the crew could all see that the Winged Guard had the area on lockdown. Jimo reached out to Whiner and found that the droid was safe but would need a pickup. Whiner could see that the ship had a landing clamp attached and there were many Winged Guard in the area. It did not look possible to get the ship free without killing many of the Winged Guard. The whole crew looked at the Forgotten Fate with sad eyes as they turned away to pickup Whiner. Upon picking up Whiner the crew added one more as Whiner had “convinced” the Banking droid to join up with the crew. The droid knowing it had thrown its lot in with the crew decided it would fill whatever role so long as it was not decommissioned.

The crew headed out to space and received an encrypted note for Moshta, “deliver the gem to Formos details will be provided”. With knowing that the Jewel of Yavin would be difficult to find a buyer who wouldn’t just kill the crew, they headed off for Formos. Upon arriving a Formos the crew was met by and old acquaintance, Snoo the Devorian, outside of town. Regretfully handing over the packaged gem to Snoo. Snoo turned to Jimo and stated, "someone left this for you, they described you well enough and knew you had been on Formos. I know not who they were but as everyone around here knows me as the “individual in the know” they were eventually directed to me to hand over to you when you returned" the Devorian smiles and says, “interesting how I manage to have this when your returning to deliver a package”. With no deceit noticed by the crew, Snoo handed a data chip to Jimo and left the crew to their thoughts. Jimo hooking up the data chip to a data pad was greeted by a message from a known acquaintance, who provided Jimo with his first cybernetic parts for his arms, Roem. Roem owns a tech company called Isotech, though provides tech on the black market to supplement his income. Roem states, “I have information which could lead to more than just a bit of gank approved enhancements, come see me on The Wheel”…

XP Gained: 40
- 10 for the session
- 5 allying with Aris Shen
- 15 tracking down and defeating Arend Shen
- 5 escaping Cloud City with the Jewel of Yavin
- 5 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance (aka new characters as everyone attended) are given 20 xp.



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