Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

The Wheels on the Bus go...

Beyond the Rim

The crew arrived at the Wheel, an enormous, circular hub and spoke style space station. Docking fees were outrageous though goods and services were within the galactic norm. Aris Shen decided she would spend some time at the Wheel and let Moshta know her status. After a few questions to denizens of the Wheel, the crew found IsoTech and entered the warehouse building. The crew was interviewed on their identities by a CZ administration droid. After the crew revealed their identities the droid hastened to lock the door then lead the crew down the hall to meet with Reom.
Reom ended up being a fairly non-descript blue-skinned Twi’lek male who’s easy manner helped bring the crew to ease. He did however skip right into business. Reom introduced the story of the Sa Nalaor and provided some background on how it was a Separatist Battle Cruiser under the command of Captain Harsol. The good captain over 20 years ago foresaw the end of the Clone Wars and setup a plan with Reom’s father to take Separatist technology and sell it on the blackmarket. It is also surmised that Captain Harsol took Separatist funds and valuables along with a brilliant scientist.
At the end of the Clone Wars, Captain Harsol was nearly trapped by the newly formed Imperial Navy and he barely escaped into hyperspace. The ship was never seen again. Recently a message pod was found outside of the wheel, it had apparently been floating without power for the last 20 years around the Wheel as space junk. When given power the pod identified that it was to be delivered to Reom’s father, and since his father had passed it came to Reom. On the pod was a degraded hologram of Captain Harsol telling Reom’s father that they were in the Chol System and making an emergency landing on Cholganna. It appears as though the lost Sa Nalaor will be found on the planet of the nexu.
This is when the bargaining began, Moshta was able to conclude with Reom a payment of 12,500 credits, 25% up front, a modest discount on IsoTech products legitimate and illegitimate for 5 years. Also that they would share in any valuables found 50/50. Reom informed the crew that a droid IT-3PO would accompany them, the droid belonged to Reom’s father and could positively identify Captain Harsol. The droid was on assignment helping Reom’s sister Shira to negotiate resource deals with some tribals on a primitive planet.
The crew left IsoTech and got right to shopping for necessary supplies. After obtaining what they needed they went to a local casino the Starlit Plaza to attempt finding more information. Detta went to enjoy the “penny” slots, Goram found good whiskey, and Moshta went for the high stakes sabac. He was not only able to win a decent amount, he also managed to talk to the Duros bookie named Jokol. Jokol once dreamed of finding the Sa Nalaor and told Moshta of the supposed wealth the ship possessed, wealth that he would truly want to be part of or witness. As the crew left the Casino they spotted a Rodian who quickly darted down an alley. The crew followed though the Rodian was nowhere to be seen. Some colorful discussion occurred with a street thug and the crew found that the Rodian was a member of the Yiyar Clan, a group of Rodians that operated mostly on the blackmarket selling technological supplies and devices.
The crew began loading up the ship, Goram noticed a maintenance droid heading toward the G9 Rigger and yelled at it, the droid quickly dropped something and made a run for it, just before it got to an air duct Goram disabled the droid with an expertly placed shot. Loading up the droid into the ship, Goram then went to see about putting the obvious tracking device onto someone else’s Firespray.
Just as Goram got back to the ship and the crew had finished loading supplies Goram heard a cry and a thump from the other side of the door. He quickly went through the door and noticed two human guards wearing IsoTech emblems and a group of Rodians getting a grav sled going. From his vantage point Goram could see the Rodians had a droid matching the description of IT-3PO. He quick-drew his sidearms and yelled for the rest of the crew to aid him. The chase was hampered by the crowd and blaster fire, the Rodians used stun setting and managed to almost get the droid away when Goram put down the driver. In response a scarred Rodian with a wicked looking blaster made a shot at Goram and knocked the gunslinger flat on his rump. Detta noticing that the tide could change with Goram falling down poured all his luck into a blaster shot that managed to knock the Rodian’s weapon from his hand. At this the sirens of the Wheel Security could be heard and the surviving Rodians immediately disappeared.
The crew took the hint and freed the droid and revived Goram, then quickly getting on board the G9 Rigger to flee the Wheel. As the crew took off Detta managed to show his piloting skills as he avoided incoming traffic and moved out into open space. The coms began to blink and Goram against Moshta’s wishes turned on the coms to hear the Wheel Security state the crew to stand down and return to the Wheel. Up ahead Detta noticed two starfighters changing course to make a pass at the crew’s ship. The Z-95 Headhunters made warning shots but the crew kept moving, noticing that a hyperspace jump would be possible within just a few more seconds. Someone had programmed the astrogation computer with coordinates. Moshta tried to convince Goram to shoot upon the Wheel Security and Goram refused, though helped Detta to pilot the sluggish G9 as the Headhunters put a few shots into the ships rear, just as the Headhunters got lined up Detta was able to engage the hyperspace engines and the crew was away…

XP Gained: 35
- 10 for the session
- 5 for digging up clues on the Sa Nalaor
- 10 for saving IT-3PO from the Yiyar clan
- 5 putting the homing beacon on a different ship
- 5 for fun roleplay
Those not in attendance are given 18 xp.



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