Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Why Do Imperials Care About Junk?

Beyond the Rim

Upon entering the Raxus Prime system, the crew exited hyperspace directly in line with a Sienar Systems shipyard. Instantly hailed the crew identified themselves as the “Unknown Ship”, the humor being lost on the Imperials, several TIE fighters were dispatched to escort the G9 to the shipyard. The crew knowing, they did not want to get searched due to Harsol and Cratala, began to formulate a plan of action. In an attempt to give the Imperials the idea that the ship was failing, caused visible signs of distress and informed the Imperials that the ship was losing power and could not be steered away from the planet. Once it became apparent the Imperials would not relent, Goram quickly dispatched a TIE fighter with the turret and the fight was on. Before Goram could destroy a second TIE fighter a figure in black laminate armor struck Goram from his chair with a stun baton. Nearly knocked unconscious Goram attempted to put the stowaway down. Within a few moments the unfamiliar Imperial Stormtrooper was down, though the weapon console was destroyed and the crew could no longer control the turret. The G9 took several hits as the crew maneuvered into the atmosphere and into a crevasse which quickly opened into a canyon of sorts. The walls of the canyon being old discarded and deteriorating into the green-yellow sludge of a river below. Avoiding the TIE fighter blaster fire and falling debris the crew manage the G9 through a slew of obstacles the ship was never intended to manage. Quick thinking and even quicker reflexes allowed the crew to finish off another chasing TIE fighter. Then seeing an opportunity as they flew through a cloud of fumes and noxious gas they dove into a tunnel. The narrow escape was not quite big enough for the ship and the G9 took more hull damage as warnings flared across the consoles. Within moments it appeared the crew managed to evade the remaining Imperial TIE fighters. Slowing down to a manageable speed the crew were able to navigate to Scrapheap Point.

The crew were hailed as they entered the area of Scrapheap point, noting the area was a peninsula into the lake of corrosion and noxious chemicals. Being directed to land in a hidden alcove the crew touched down their limping vessel. Upon exiting Norta, one of IsoTech’s managers greeted the crew and led them to the negotiation room, which happened to exist within the hulk of a long discarded unidentified freighter style vessel. Moshta wanting to make certain Cratala and the survivors were comfortable stayed on board as Goram and Jimo made their way to meet with IsoTech. The tone for the discussion was one of distrust, so Norta provided a hyperspace link to Reom. The Twilek was in obvious pain and his many bruises and abrasions showed he had been in a serious altercation. He told the crew that IsoTech headquarters on the Wheel were attacked by Clan Yiyar and that he and several of his employees were injured as the Rodians made out with the capsule from the Sal Nalaor. Jimo still feeling a bit untrustful only told Reom they had found the Sa Nalaor and had things to share with Reom once he arrived on Raxus Prime. Reom agreed and stated he was enroute and would arrive in two stellar days.

XP Gained: 12
• 5 – for the session
• 2 – navigating the canyon
• 3 – dealing with the TIE fighters and Infiltrator Stormtrooper
• 2 – interesting roleplay



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