Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Why Does Someone Always Interrupt

Beyond the Rim

As the evening grew later the crew began to discuss their plans and priorities, as they were preparing to rest for the night a knock came at the door. A Iktotchi male covered in a patch worked cape asked for entry. The crew invited him in, and he introduced himself as Soun, an engineer and survivor of the Sa Nalaor. It became readily evident that Soun was living in fear, he had no love for Captain Harsol and greatly feared his wrath. He even told the crew about disabling a YT-1760 that belonged to another group who had run across the survivors of the Sa Nalaor. Captain Harsol had explained they were lost to the jungle but Soun was certain he had them killed, otherwise he wouldn’t have had Soun disable the ship. Soun wanted assurances that the crew would get him off the planet and keep him safe from the Empire. The crew eased Soun and “promised” that they would see to his wellbeing.

The next day the crew were met by an elder Cerean female who offered them the choice portions of breakfast. The crew’s excitement quickly turned sour as they realized she was feeding them bug brains. Using their iron grit, the crew managed the food and disinclined seconds. A Nemodian male bearing a makeshift crossbow approached Goram and asked if he would like to go hunting, Goram being a bit confused by the request, redirected the inquiry to the lead Rodian, Yav Yiyar. Soon the crew were either spending time with Harsol or talking with Cratala about her cybernetic enhancements. With Harsol the crew were making preliminary agreements and keeping Harsol appeased and comfortable with the crew’s expertise.

For lunch the crew were offered a gummy floppy slab of something potentially meaty and Goram decided rations were just fine. The crew thinking they may have to incapacitate requested that Goram go stun. Soon after the crew ended up in a verbal discussion with Harsol and Yav Yiyar which quickly devolved into combat as Moshta used the force to grab Yav Yiyar’s notorious blaster. Yav being quick to respond flicked his wrist and brought out a holdout blaster from his sleeve, leveling it at Moshta. Moshta tried to egg Yav on, while Jimo beefed himself up and Goram leveling his twin blasters at the lead Rodian. Yav tried to calm the situation down, though Harsol seeing what Moshta did with the force came to the conclusion that he was Jedi, mortal enemies of the separatists. Firing in haste he missed Moshta though put him a bit off balance, Goram meanwhile laid into Yav, quickly realizing that his guns were set to stun. Yav stood through the onslaught as a Rodian female toting a vibro-axe charged into Moshta slicing a gaping wound in his chest. Moshta back flipped away from the deadly Rodian readying himself for her continued onslaught, while the other Rodians open fired at Harsol injuring him. Harsol fired again at Moshta laying him out, and Goram fully stunned Yav, getting justice for the stunning Yav did to Goram a few days before. Just then the ground slightly rumbled and the familiar whine of starship engines caused the combat to halt.

The crew looked up to see a freighter sized ship with the telltale signs of a Sienar Fleet starship and several small pod shapes exiting the ship. The Retreat was instantly filled with chaos and Harsol completely lost it, blaming the crew and himself before running straight for the pavilion. Jimo noticed Cratala locking herself into the cyber-nexu cage. Goram ran over to Moshta and gave him a stim pack, instantly waking up the severely hurt Tagruta. Moshta jumped up discarding his damaged and bloody cloak, instantly turning to the Rodians and giving them words which prompted their immediate withdrawal, with the unconscious Yav in tow. Moshta and Goram ran toward the pavilion as Jimo ran to the cyber-nexu cages. Inside the pavilion Moshta caught up to Harsol inside his office and used the force to grap the man’s weapon. Harsol nearly losing his wits was quickly stunned by Goram, who then picked up the unconscious man and headed outside the building. Meanwhile outside Jimo heard a loud voice offer sanction to the survivors and called out the interlopers as ill-repute enemies of the Empire, who wished only to profit from the survivors and the crashed Sa Nalaor. Cratala started to become crazed and it took Jimo several minutes to get to the cyber-tech to listen and respond to his attempts to bring her back from the brink of madness. As Moshta and Goram exited the building they were witness to at least a third of the survivors heading toward the gate showing they were surrendering, while others were taking up defensive positions and calling the others cowards and turncoats. Moshta not wanting to go out the main door asked Cratala if there was another exit, she confirmed there was. With her two cyber-nexu in tow the crew ran to the obscure exit. As they hit the exit Soun and the elder female Cerean requested the crew take them to safety and the crew complied. As soon as everyone got to the raft it became apparent it was only large enough to take the people and not the cyber-nexu, after some discussion Cratala removed their inhibitors and let them free. The crew having been told that the cyber-nexu would now actively kill them without hesitation, made for the raft and fled upriver. After nearly an hour the crew came around a bend to see their G9 and the YT-2400 of the Rodians, the Imperial ship was nowhere to be seen. They could see that the Rodians had already made landfall and were stealthily going up the ridge to their ship. A distant whine told that there were speeder bikes in the area, and after a short bit a group of 5 scout troopers were seen patrolling the area. Moving to the sandy bank the crew asked Detta to fire up the G9, as soon as he started the sequence of bringing the ship to life the scout troopers immediately turned and open fired upon the G9. The crew made way up the bank as quickly as possible while Moshta and Soun carried Harsol up toward the ship. Goram laid down fire upon the scout troopers and managed to take the majority out as the last one sped off into the distance. As the crew loaded into the ship Jimo quickly worked to navigate directly to Raxus Prime, as the ship made lift off and into the atmosphere Jimo finally got the calculations in order. Immediately upon determining their path to Raxus Prime the Imperial scout ship engaged and began to hammer at the G9 Rigger’s aft. Goram jumped onto the turret controls and began to fire back at the Imperials. The G9 suffered a few hits nearly causing system damage, though Moshta responded by getting the rear deflector shields overpowered to receive the beating. Goram returned fire and scoring many hits on the hull of the Imperial ship, though the race to which ship would be disabled first was still in question. Just as the crew entered hyperspace Goram was able to do serious damage to the Imperial ship causing visible reactions from the hull, which began to emit sparks and smoke into space. The crew managed to leave Cholganna in one piece and with both priority targets on board the G9…

XP Gained (includes XP for finishing Act 2): 40
• 10 – for the session
• 2 – navigating the Chol Nebula
• 3 – discovering and exploring the escape pod
• 5 – surviving the cyber-nexu
• 5 – searching the two sections of the crashed Sa Nalaor
• 10 – obtaining Cratala and Captain Harsol, plus 2 survivors
• 2 – for beating out the Yiyar clan
• 3 – for fun roleplay and even more fun Nemodian Hunters who only hunt “with the approval of the senate”
Also I am removing the ½ XP restriction, it is really designed for when we have people in and out. At this point it looks like it is only our 3 main players, and someone else “might” show up (strong emphasis on “might”).
1. The Motley Crew – 20 XP
2. Hutts or Bust – 16 XP
3. Droids on Roids – 24 XP
4. Chasing a Cloud – 16 XP
5. Makin it Fly – 14 XP
6. What.. Skills? – 26 XP
7. Destiny Flies – 32 XP
8. Merican Standoff – 40 XP
9. Wheels on the Bus go… – 35 XP
10. Agoraphobia is Real – 16 XP
11. Big Cats Cybernetics Oh My! – 18 XP
12. Why Does Someone Always Interrupt? – 40 XP
Total = 297 XP



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