Human gunslinger


• A Score to Settle(9)
In your earlier life you sought membership in a mercenary company which was known to take jobs from a Black Sun Vigo. In the course of proving yourself on a particular job, the team used you as bait and left you for dead.

• Favor (9)
You owe a favor to a Vigo of the Black Sun syndicate. She got you out of trouble and provided you the means by which you were able to re-arm yourself and be free of your previous mercenary company

  • Favor (5) Shared by the Crew
    Recently during the heist of The Jewel of Yavin, the crew got themselves into a Merican standoff. When it looked dire the ISB agent who the crew knows as Zekra Fol came to the crew’s rescue. She offered a choice, take her aid or stay and face the four groups of opposition, the crew took the offer and now owe the ISB agent.
  • Criminal (3) Shared by the Crew
    Even though the crew managed to steal the Jewel of Yavin, they have been found by the Winged Guard to be at the very least accomplishes to the theft of the Jewel of Yavin. Not to mention a banking droid went missing, another reason the Winged Guard have put the crews description in warning messages around the Bespin system. “Do not approach, inform the Winged Guard of Cloud City of the location and current description of the humanoids displayed”.


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