Marus Grayson

Stern looking middle aged Human male


Marus tends to look down on people and wears the most up to date fashions.


Current owner of the Jewel of Yavin.
Marus is attempting to sell the gem outside of the Imperial controlled space. This is illegal, though Marus is adept at using his position within the Imperial bureaucracy to do as he wishes.

Background: The Shen family were wealthy investors in the subsidiary branch of the Bank of the Core, specializing in venture capital. One of their clients, a commissioner in the Imperial Trade and Commerce Authority named Marus Grayson, headed a business enterprise that flopped. Rather than going bankrupt with debt to the bank, he used his connections in the Imperial Bureaucracy and COMPNOR to freeze and later seize the branch’s assets in connection with allegations of treason, effectively ruining the Shen family. Ten years later, Grayson has arrived at Cloud City to auction off a precious corusca gem, named the Jewel of Yavin.

Marus Grayson

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