Thakba Besadii Diori

A large and particularly bulbous and slimy green Hutt


A large and particularly bulbous and slimy green Hutt. Thakba dresses in fine silks and gestures much as he speaks. Thakba is very hospitable and outspoken, he did not come across as menacing to the PCs.


Part of the Besadii Clan, Thakba Besadii Diori is one of many lesser crime bosses making his home on Sleheyron. This particularly green and slimy Hutt is far from the most important crime lord on the planet, much of his clans wealth having been recently wiped out, though he is still well known and rich enough.

Fond of watching and betting on gladiatorial matches and hosting high stakes sabbacc games on his palatial estate.

Put a bounty on Bandin Dobah as a public relations exercise. As he has deals in spice and thus wanted to retain his good standing with the smuggling community around the Kessel Run.

Thakba Besadii Diori

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