Yav Yiyar

Male Rodian Salvager of Clan Yiyar


Yav Yiyar has green skin and a scar across his face from some type of predatory animal. The injury also damaged his left eye.


Yav Yiyar is number three in the Yiyar clan hierarchy, and number two in Yiyar Salvage. He captains the Nightflyer and is an excellent advance salvage scout. He leads by example, and his approach to any given situation is mirrored by those Yiyar clan members with him.
Unfortunately, Yav is rude, crude, and generally horrible to his allies and everyone else. Yav is very excited about the Sa Naloor, and he takes every advantage and opportunity he thinks he can get away with to find the ship first. Successfully locating and securing the Sa Na- laor could promote Yav to number two in the Yiyar clan hierarchy and give him command of Yiyar Salvage. He also dreams of depriving the hated IsoTech of its prize.

Yav Yiyar

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