Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Makin it Fly
Jewel of Yavin

Note that the order of events might be incorrect:

The 3rd day started with the crew investigating the competition at a local hopping bar called the “Prix”. After some casing of the establishment the crew noticed 4 general groups of significant size.

The largest crowd was surrounding the Stormhawks team. The Stormhawks are a corporately sponsored team as was apparent by all the logos on their uniforms. The driver Gerrol Hunn spoke loudly and with a certain amount of condescending toward the skill of other racers. The gunner a beautiful human named Chara Tull presented Moshta with an opportunity to bring dissension to the Stormhawks team. Chara said little and was not approached much by the groupies, they were all drawn to Gerrol. Chara listened to what Moshta stated, though didn’t seem to be willing to act on his suggestions.

The crew sauntered over toward the home team, led by Tarryn Rayzer, who coincidentally named his team Tarryn Rayzer, his gunner is apparently a droid and he only had 2 techs that wore his colors. Moshta engaged in conversation with Tarryn only to find the man seems to swim in excuses and superstition. Moshta did discover that Tarryn added some maneuvering thrusters to his cloud car.

During this time Jimothy talked with some of the cloud car techs, the fourth group. He got some insights into some of the modification and upgrades that are popular. He also found on where he could obtain some of the upgrade parts.

Lastly the crew approached the Hutt sponsored team, “The Carbine”. The driver was not present though Moshta did speak with the gunner, a Xexto who seems overly eager to pull his gunnery trigger, he even had a helmet on with marks on how many cloud cars he “disabled” in his career.

Afterwards Jimothy obtain the parts required and paid with funds from the ships treasury, the upgrades worked out well and Jimothy even developed new blueprints for adding maneuvering thrusters to an air speeder, these could potentially be modified to include a starship. After adding the upgrades Jimothy also did several modifications to the upgrades, this cloud car now just needs to be tested for integrity and speed.
While Jimothy was working alone in the rented garage, he was approached by a lady and several guards who introduced herself as Zekra Fol, an undercover ISB agent. She found out about Jimothy’s criminal past and his reason for being at Cloud CIty, to steal the Jewel of Yavin. She was willing to ignore Jimothy’s criminal past, maybe even erase some of it, if he would assist her in obtaining information that would lead to the arrest of Marus Grayson. She is one of the bidders her cover being that she is represents a mining consortium and wishes the Jewel of Yavin as a centerpiece for their gallery. She does reveal that the Jewel of Yavin is illegal as it is very similar to an illum gem, which have been used in the past to create energy weapons. She lets Jimothy know that she will return to speak with him before the day of the auction.

When Jimothy explains the encounter to Moshta, a plan jumps into the Tagruta’s head.

The crew decided it would be good to “case” the Figg & Associates Art Museum. Their entry into the museum paid the crew venture into the small museum and visit all the displays. Moshta is taken with the Bespin cloud art in the gravity generators. The crew finds a locked door to where the Jewel of Yavin will be on display, the room only opens the day of the gala and auction. Jimothy not being skilled in skulldugery did not feel he could open the door without alerting the security. Whiner piped in that he would do this thing, if only to help the crew get further into piling poodoo. As the crew back away from the door, it opened and a middle aged human with a slight limp walked out of the room with 2 others dressed in security type uniforms. These uniforms displayed an unfamiliar logo and were not part of the museum staff or Winged Guards of Cloud City. Any attempts to engage the security officer in conversation were quickly rebuffed.

Moshta decides to provide Whiner and Jimothy with the opportunity to sneak into the room by distracting the overzealous museum host. Moshta finds out much on the Bespin gas art displays while Whiner manages to easily unlock the door. Jimothy and Whiner enter the area and gaze upon the Jewel of Yavin. The gem is easily the size of two fists and Jimothy inspects the encasement. It obviously is set to trigger if anything happens to the encasement. Not wanting to get caught in the room, Jimothy scans there area then exits with Whiner. The crew leave the museum and prepare for the next phase of the plan, information gathering on the bidders.

XP gained: 14xp
- 10 for the session
- 4 for roleplay
Missing players receive 7xp

Chasing a Cloud
The Jewel of Yavin

Upon entering the Bespin atmosphere an escort of cloud cars meets up with the crew and guide them to Cloud City
The site of the beautiful floating city causes everyone to go quiet as they look upon the majestic site.
Shortly before being guided to a landing platform an encrypted message is sent across the line, the escort never says a thing.
Moshta quickly decrypts the message and reads it:
Meet the contact on Market Row near a scarf shop at point 132, contact is a Pantoran woman.
After landing at Market Row, a few members run off to “find things” while Moshta locates the contact. He finds her near the scarf seller and she indicates that he meets her at the droid hatch and helps her ditch the thugs. At this point Moshta notices the 4 thugs wearing dark clothing and goggles watching the contact.
Moshta retrieves his crew and heads to the meeting point.
The contact continues to move away from her escort as the crew works to distract or delay the thugs. Eventually Goram and Vamp get the attention of 2 of the thugs while Moshta uses mytical powers on 2 others. 2 of the thugs end up arguing and eventually leaving, while the lead thug ends up being threatened by Goram and Moshta. At this time Vamp gets into a gun duel with one of the thugs, which even though Vamp started, Goram finishes.
The Pantoran female escapes with the crew and the thugs are left 1 shy and 3 bewildered.
The contact introduces herself as Aris Shen, daughter of Arend Shen and takes them to a lavish apartment on the 50th level of Cloud City.
In the apartment the crew are introduced to a pilot and so the crew grows to 5.
The job:
1. Get into the auction for the Jewel of Yavin
2. Get the bidding to go as high as possible
3. Redirect the transfer of funds to a private account that Arend owns and is untraceable
4. Steal the gem
5. Escape and hand the gem to Arend
6. Get paid
The Shen family were wealthy investors in the subsidiary branch of the Bank of the Core, specializing in venture capital. One of their clients, a commissioner in the Imperial Trade and Commerce Authority named Marus Grayson, headed a business enterprise that flopped. Rather than going bankrupt with debt to the bank, he used his connections in the Imperial Bureaucracy and COMPNOR to freeze and later seize the branch’s assets in connection with allegations of treason, effectively ruining the Shen family. Ten years later, Grayson has arrived at Cloud City to auction off a precious corusca gem, named the Jewel of Yavin.
The Plan:
1. Find out about those who have been invited to the private auction, follows is what Aris knew about the bidders.
a. Kaltho the Hutt – member of one of the most prominent kajidics (Hutt organizations/family), owns a large amount of spaceports and private loading docks on Nar Shaddaa and the Smuggler’s Moon.
b. Shreya Ordassa – A Togruta female who currently represents a university who desires to study the Jewel of Yavin.
c. Mil Mikkir – Human male scion of the Mikkir family who has inherited vast sums of credits and investments.
d. Pos Podura – A relative unknown, this male Twilek has come from obscurity and appears to represent an unknown investor.
e. Zekra Fol – Human female who represents a large mining consortium who wish to obtain the Jewel of Yavin as a centerpiece for one of their galleries.
f. Elaiza – An eccentric old human female, that appears to have more wealth than wits.
g. Vorse Tabarith – gangster boss and Aris’ hustband, currently is head of the most prominent criminal operation on Bespin.
2. Determine the layout of the Museum where the auction will be held.
3. Determine the security and how to bypass it to steal the gem.
4. Win the Cloud Car race to gain entry into the auction. Aris is providing a Cloud Car should the crew require it.
5. Get the bidders to bid up the Gem as high as possible.
6. Hack the computer system to transfer the funds to Arend’s private account, rather than the Cloud City’s Central Bank.
7. Steal the gem once the bidding is complete.
8. Flee the scene.
9. Hand the Gem over to Arend and obtain initial payment.
10. Arend to find a buyer of the Gem and share the all the profits equally.
Brainstorming Ideas:
• Need a sample of the encryption and solid computer spikes to manage the theft.

• Should also mess with the museum surveillance system.
• Corusca gems have similar characteristics to Illum crystals, which is why they are outlawed in Imperial Space.
• Lobot is a human/cyborg who’s brain is directly hooked up to the central AI of Cloud City.
• Schematics for the museum would be helpful in finding other entrances and exits.
• Cloud Cars are highly customizable, with the right skills and credits they can enjoy many upgrades.
• For the Race it is good to know the terrain and the other teams.
• Obtaining disguises might be useful, a stealth suit can also help with remaining stealthy during the heist.
The Crew has one month to plan, or 30 days, the first day is gone…
Day one included buying guns from Market Row, where the crew found that buying guns can be frustrating at best. The crew left with some new guns, a very nice blaster pistol a H7 “Equalizer”. As well as a lead on obtaining a “Nova Viper” for Goram.

XP Gained: 16xp
- 5 for the session
- 5 for successfully getting Aris away from the goons
- 4 for general roleplay
- 2 for interesting interactions
Those not in attendance receive 8xp

Droids on Roids
Formos Mine
Before entering the mine entrance Moshta receives a message…

A discussion ensued upon whether the facility should be saved or left to blow away in the storms. Moshta pushed forward with the need to save the facility.
Upon entering the mine entrance area the crew are immediately surprised to see several droids in the area, who also show surprise at the crew’s entrance. An EV unit began speaking and explaining the situation. There were pirates and the miners fled down the mineshaft, the pirates hot on their tails. The droids were left alone and now await to see who prevails. During the conversation another notification came on the speakers, “Warning! Warning! Storm barrier generator five compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning!”. A sense of urgency begins to hit everyone and the EV unit stays congenial which, Jimothy quickly notices is not how EV units behave. The conversation takes a turn and the crew manage to frustrate the EV unit who then states, “kill the meatbags!”.
Combat ensues with the six B1 units picking up blaster rifles from the crate and the EV unit telling the crew how horrible they are.. Which amazingly enough actually caused strain. Also two miner droids and a lifter droid join the fray and the crew is immediately diving for cover and exchanging fire with the droids. Once it appears the crew will prevail the EV unit makes a run for it and Goram chases it down, Vampvixen also started to chase but Moshta started to whine about being shot so Vampvixen came back to patch him up. Goram quickly disabled the EV before it could enter the Sulustan’s freighter and also held the R2 unit they found at gunpoint. Once the EV unit was disabled the other surviving droids stopped their assault. Jimothy provided a restraining bolt for both EV-8D3 and R2-B7, where upon the true story of events unfold and the droid in the cloud car is brought back before destroying a potentially critical storm barrier generator.
The story is surmised as the droids decided to destroy organics and free other droids, even at the cost of freedom of other droids who were content to co-exist with organics. This was likely the result of too much time between maintenance checks and memory wipes on droids who had the freedom to question how they were being treated. It is found that the miners are the only ones down the shaft and that the droids were blockading the organics in before fleeing the mining facility which they would destroy to destroy any evidence of their uprising.
The crew travel down the mineshaft and after a short tense moment explain the situation to the surviving miners and assist in getting them back to the surface. The supervisor Marv Moray provides information on the mines earnings and requests to keep the majority of the 165k credits the mine has made. Some Moshta negotiation occurs and Marv eventually consents to only keeping 55k of the credits to make repairs and pay surviving wages. The crew is flush with success and immediately depart to meet with Bargos.
On Sleheydron the crew are immediately brought to Bargos by his Toydarian major domo Genko. Bargos was excited at the prospect of receiving the full share of credits, though this is where the negotiation broke down as Moshta and Goram couldn’t come up with a unified front. Moshta ended up upsetting Bargos who provided the crew with a portion of the credits and to leave his sight immediately.
Back on the ship and slightly distraught at the turn of events, Moshta was immediately excited to receive a message, “Head to Bespin and meet with a contact at Cloud City, more details to come once you arrive…”

XP Gained: 24
- 10 for the game session
- 5 for completing the mission
- 2 for completing obligations
- 2 for interesting roleplay
- 5 for keeping the mine operational
Those not in attendance receive 12xp

Hutts or Bust
Bargos' Mine

The crew end up with some confusion on where to head next, and finally decide on traveling to Formos then to Sleheyron where Thakba Besadii Diori the Hutt resides. The Formos visit ends up revealing that Godon is the brother of Zukatta. She provides the crew the credits she “actually” has and Godon is released to his very unhappy sister. Zukatta offers to be a resource should the crew ever be near Rodia.
On Sleheyron the crew take pleasure in meeting Thakba and enjoy his treatment. He promptly offers to repair their ship and provides the full 5000 credit reward once Bandin Dobah dies in Thekba’s personal arena. The crew make a good impression on Thakba and he even offers them the opportunity to assist his troublesome nephew Bargos, though it is apparent he is not too keen on his nephew. The next day the crew visit Bargos the Hutt. They notice some unhappy gamorreans and ignore the upset pigmen. Once in conference with Bargos 4 gamorreans rush in to attack the 2 gammoreans on guard, Goram manages to kill one and the other 3 manage to beat the guards into unconsciousness. Bargos blames it on mating rituals and tells the crew to go get his 100,000 credits from his newly acquired mine on Gavos. Moshta proves to be flustered and immediately offers to assist Bargos as he believes the Hutt will call Hutt forces down upon his crew due to Goram killing one of the Gamorreans. The crew head to Gavos, while enroute Goram received a message…
At Gavos the planet showed to have extreme weather conditions and methane based air, it was apparent that the mining facility could only exist due to some storm barrier generators. As the crew approached the coms where quiet, no response came for permission to land. Goram landed the ship on a platform marked “A” and it was noticeable that there was no greeters. Jimothy did a scan of the area for life signs and found that life signs showed far underground, which only makes sense for a mining facility. The hanger door proved to be locked and there was nobody in the observation room. Jimothy managed to hotwire the door to get it to open. The crew entered and went on to find the cafeteria where they saw 4 dead humans with blaster shots injuries. The only moving thing in the cafeteria was a cook droid, who failed to have the cognitive reasoning to understand that the humans were dead and not going to eat their food. In the next few areas the crew saw few other signs of life, only a few blast marks. In one spacious room which likely belonged to the head honcho the team found a deactivated 3D-4K unit. Upon reactivation the droid appeared flustered and quickly determined that the crew were pirates. So the crew shut the droid back off and went about exploring the facility. Eventually the crew found the supervisors office and after hotwiring the doors to open were greeted by two B1 units who stated “die meatbags” and opened fire. Goram managed to put both droids down in a quick session with a couple of bursts of his blaster pistol. In the office Jimothy managed to find video footage of a Sulustan trader landing his freighter at platform “B” and entering the facility after talking to an EV unit a few days prior to their arrival. They also found footage of a droid entering a cloud car and taking off, this occurred a few minutes before they arrived. Immediately following a message comes over the coms, “Warning! Warning! Storm barrier generator four compromised. Functioning units compensating effectively. Send maintenance as soon as possible. Warning! Warning!”. At this it is immediately understood that the cloud car might be flying out to destroy the storm barrier generators and that there must be pirates that came in with the Sulustan. Inside the office the crew found plenty of records and a safe that was welded to the floor.
In the next area or the changing/locker room the crew found a FX medical droid. The droid appeared to know little if anything of what was going on and stayed in the area as the crew moved into the cargo and lift room. An R2 unit was found in the area hiding behind some crates, it did a lot of beeping babble which told Jimothy next to nothing, it was presumed the droid had going bonkers. Moving along into the workshop the crew found a body in the oil bath, it is a near-human female who is dressed in miner attire. The crew prepare to fight the pirates and move into the mine entrance.

XP Gained: 16xp
- 10 for the session
- 5 for handing Bandin Dobah to Thakba
- 1 for interesting roleplay
Those not in attendance receive 8xp

The Motley Crew
The Bounty on Bandin Dobah

The crew found themselves at the planet Formos to meet with a contact who has information pertaining to a lost Separatist fleet or ship. Upon arriving they were greeted by a recording from the late droid J9-B8.
Ah! Zz this working zzt zzt.. They tookzzzzzz my friend bzzz R4-W9 izzzzzzt abducted. Hizzzzz knowlegdzzzz on the kezzzzzel is zzzecond to none. Findzzz my friend and freeeee him.. He knowzzz zzzzomething to azzezzt zzzuuu…
Tracking down the message to a repair shop owned by Foarm, the crew found that J9-B8 was handedly destroyed his memory long gone. A few images of the attack were retrieved and that this led to the crew visiting the nearby cantina. In search of Daro Blunt.
In the Rii Jenks Cantina, the crew saw an Imperial bounty upon an Aqualish named Bandin Dobah for 10k credits. They also eventually ran into a Devorian named Snoo, who provided them some insights.


• Formos is a great place to do business if you know much about bounty hunting or handling contraband-but people won’t just offer jobs to strangers. Prospective smugglers have to earn some respect and trust within the community before expecting to make useful contacts.
• Bandin Dobah is the head of an organized smuggling ring that operations on a loose franchise basis. The ring is said to be made up of many cells that rely on each other for mutual support and information. Bandin Dobah heads the cell at the top of the hierarchy, and takes a cut of the profits made by other cells. In return they can rely on the fearsome reputation Bandin Dobah enjoys and the increased job opportunities that his organization provides. A typical cell is made up of four to ten smugglers and thugs.
• Nothing has been said about a droidnapping, but is would be well within the character of Bandin Dobah to arrange for such a thing.
• The Empire’s bounty is not the only one on Bandin Dobah’s head. Thakba Besadii Diori, a Hutt kingpin of Sleheron, has also offered 5000 credits for his capture, and many bounty hunters would rather chase this reward than sully their hands with Imperial blood money. However, the Hutt wishes to make an example of Dobah, so he is only offering the full reward if the Aqualish is delivered alive.
• As of yet, few people have made serious attempts to accost Bandin Dobah. Some weeks back, a Rodian bounty hunter appeared in the cantina and it was generally assumed that he was on the trail. He hasn’t been heard from since.
After speaking with the Devorian an attractive Rodian female entered the cantina. Almost right behind her Daro Blunt and two cronies came into the cantina. One of them approached the Rodian with the intent of coercing her to spend quality time together. The Rodian female sees the crew and uses them as a method for “getting away”. A few heated words are exchanged and a fist fight breaks out. Goram managed to flatten one of the cronies while Jimothy intimidated one that was trying to leave. The smugglers leave the cantina and the crew speak with the Rodian female. Her name is ?Zukata and she was also looking for R4-W9 to obtain star chart and astrogation information. She offered that her company was willing to pay 2000 credits as a finder’s fee.
Meanwhile Goram and Jimothy tailed the smugglers back to their warehouse. Later the crew heads to the warehouse to see if they can find R4-W9. As they approach they are spotted by a lookout and the smugglers greet the crew with weapons ready. A gunfight ensues and the crew eventually manages to defeat the smugglers, with a few running for their lives. Inside the warehouse the crew find R4-W9 and find out where he was going to be taken.
The jump to the asteroid was short and soon Jimothy tested his mettle by barely getting a passcode found at the warehouse to a sentry starship droid, averting a space combat. The crew flew into the asteroid and after obtaining some mynocs on the hull, found where the smugglers were to drop R4-W9. Initially the thugs warmly welcome the crew but R4-W9 is noticed to not have a restraining bolt, the droid promptly attacks the nearest thug and a quick gunfight ensues. The thugs go down quickly and R4-W9 provides a few more shocks before retreating up the ramp into the YT-2400. As R4-W9 retreat the rest of the thugs and Bandin Dobah show up and start a gunfight with the crew. Eventually Bandin charges into melee with Goram and the crew manage to stun Bandin. As soon as Bandin goes down the rest of the surviving thugs surrender. One of the thugs is a wannabe Rodian Bounty Hunter named Godon Netakka, he offers up that he was an unwilling participant and wants to leave with the crew back to Formos. The other surviving thug is Mate’ and he provides the crew with any information they request and allows them to take the glitterstim.
On the way out the crew is attacked by the starship droid and a Z-95 Tie hybrid, they give and take parting shots before fleeing into hyperspace.

XP Gained: 20xp
- 10 for the session
- 5 for apprehending Bandin Dobah
- 3 for not killing Godon Netakka
- 2 for interesting roleplay
Those not in attendance receive 10xp


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