Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Are Jawas Galactic Roaches?

Beyond the Rim

After the meeting with Reom, Norta gave the crew a basic tour of the area:
1. The Junk Pile – like most of Raxus Prime, this area is a mass of junked starships, discarded equipment, trash, and wrecked vehicles of all types. The junk specific to this area tends to be that of starships and other vehicles.
2. The Toxic Lake – this putrid mix of unidentifiable sludge and corrosive chemicals, emits noxious and horrid smelling fumes. It is obvious the breathing in the fumes would cause all manner of complications.
3. Toxic Lake Islands and Platforms – Scattered throughout the lake are junk-piled iland encrusted with rings of toxic sludge. It appears that several starships and large vehicles have been turned into makeshift platforms for past salvage operations upon the precarious islands.
4. Hidden Sensors – concealed IsoTech sensors stations in the wreckage are present to warn of incoming traffic or threats.
5. Landing Alcoves and Passageways – these cave-like alcoves have been carved into the junk-bluffs of the peninsula, up close the areas look like standard starship docks, with a junkyard theme.
6. Crushed Courier – a seemingly ancient starship of unknown origins. This is where we just met and spoke with Reom.
7. Bantha Clan – this old multi-deck freighter shows signs of heavy customization, well after it was decommissioned. The general staff reside in this as a living-quarters.
8. Corellian Corvette – a long abandoned Correllian corvette is the most prominent feature of the area. It is mostly buried under the junkyard and shows signs of rust and deterioration. Inside the derelict corvette is our cybernetic and black market stock, along with a fully functional medical cybernetic surgery area.
Norta also offered the use of a skiff for the crew to find any parts or such they may need to fix their G9. Jimo asked if there were any parts they were looking for in particular. Norta identified several capital ship parts that IsoTech have been looking for without success.

Deciding they would venture into the expanse of the massive junkyard, the crew found there were Jawa bands roaming the area for parts, even seeing a couple fall into the lake with no apparent concern from other Jawas. Jimo searched for a ship similar to the G9 to obtain pieces of hull from and found an older though similar ship from which to scavenge from. After removing portions of the hull, Jimo decided to venture within the ship to find additional parts that could assist in the repair of systems. In the cockpit he found an upgraded and functional weapon control console. Across the way the crew also spotted a capital ship of corellian make that looked to have a serviceable sensor dish. Jimo with help from Goram managed to extract the dish without much difficulty. Jimo deciding he wanted more hull to fix the G9 cut into the capital ship. Looking inside and seeing utter darkness down and up the hallway, Jimo decided he wouldn’t push his luck. The crew made it back to Scrapheap Point and began repairs upon the Unknown Ship.

Moshta taking some time to relax went to the Bantha Clan and had a few drinks with the employees of IsoTech. A Devaronian approached Moshta and tried to pry into Moshta’s past. When that didn’t work to well he offered up traveling to Devaron to see the sites of his homeworld. Going a bit quieter he told Moshta of an interesting site for scrap smugglers, the abandoned Temple of Eedit.
My sister’s friend’s grandmother told her this story:
Back before the Clone Wars the Temple of Eedit was a place of learning and history for the Jedi Order. As the Clone Wars began the Jedi left a skeleton crew to keep the temple maintenance and upkeep. Every now and then a Jedi Master and a padawan would stay at the temple. When the Separatist army moved into a nearby system the Republic added a contingent to the temple to man it and use it for support of the surrounding system. At some point the Separatist moved a force to take the temple from the Jedi. During the battle a massive Zabrak joined the fight, wielding a huge vibro-ax he slew clone and droid alike, eventually even slaying the resident Jedi and his padawan. After the end of the Clone Wars Imperials bombed the temple and nobody now ventures as it is off-limits and patrolled by the nearby Imperial outpost.
Moshta also learned from his new “friend” that the corvette is not as derelict as it appears and that IsoTech plans to leave soon due to the increasing Imperial presence on Raxus Prime.

Norta came by the hangar to inform the crew of a Jawa trading caravan approaching, letting them know they may find parts for their ship to trade from the Jawas. Once the Jawas entered the area Goram and Moshta noticed these Jawas were much bigger and broader than expected, potentially a weird genetic offshoot. As trade was about to begin Norta noticed something about the lead Jawa and smacked a mask off his in quick response the lead Jawa stabbed Norta with a vibro-knife. Immediately Jawas rushed forward brandishing blasters and vibro-knives. The lead Jawa’s hood fell back and with his mask gone it was apparent he was a Sullustan. Goram drawing both guns noted that he knew this Sullustan, and only hesitated for a moment before pulling his triggers. The hesitation must have been long enough as the Sullustan only took one hit and managed to back up behind a slew of Jawa disguised Rodians. Moshta noting Norta’s condition ran over and began to pull the downed Rodian back to the entrance while Jimo tensed up.. for no reason at all. As Moshta looked to flee the Sullustan opened fired upon the ceiling causing a light shower of junk to rain down upon Moshta. In response Moshta pulled the blaster out of the Sullustan’s hand. Goram opened fire on the Rodians and layed out the half dozen mooks in quick order. Behind the Rodians rushed up three larger brawner versions, that the crew quickly noticed were Trandoshans. The large reptilian creatures charged to engage the crew as Goram began to put each one down one after the other. Jimo brandishing his blaster arm managed to fend off the brute that wanted to skewer his cyber-body upon his vibro-knife. The Sullustan tossed a stun grenade to stop Moshta, but it fell short and landed on Norta who violently shook into unconsciousness. With his allies quickly falling to the crew, the Sullustan jumped back on his skiff and started to speed away. Both Goram and Jimo lept for the skiff, with Goram nearly falling to the lake, only getting caught on some wires and dangling below the skiff. Jimo trying to intimidate the Sullustan found that shooting and holding onto a rail didn’t work so well as he was flung from the skiff into open air. Only pure chance allowed for Moshta to reach into the Force to pull Jimo from certain death by green-yellowish goo. The skiff fled and Goram finally got on and put an end to the short chase with the Sullustan.

Goram remembered the Sullustan as Too Low Talo, and the Sullustan also remembered Goram from their days working with the mercenary crew. After telling Goram he was hired to take on IsoTech by the Yiyar clan and not Goram’s crewmates, Goram decided to let Talo go in exchange for never messing with Goram or his crewmates again, a business understanding. Talo eagerly agreed and bid the crew farewell.

Back at Scrapheap Point Reom and several guards entered the scene of battle with the Yiyar clan, visibly limping and using a staff to assist in his movement. He immediately had his guards take Norta back to the medbay and led the crew back to the corvette to discuss what occurred in greater detail. As Reom listened he showed excitement at the prospect of Cratala joining IsoTech and his future partnership with the crew. The crew headed back to the G9 to bring Harsol and Cratala to meet with Reom. Harsol being near panicked by the presence of Moshta, was led ahead with Jimo and Goram as Moshta walked with Cratala to meet with Reom aboard the corvette. Suddenly the area shock and blast fire could be heard, at first the crew thought it was the Yiyar clan again, yet those thoughts changed as the unique sound of TIE fighters pierced the air. With walls and ceiling beginning to collapse, the Devarorian Moshta met earlier ran past with several other engineers waving at the crew to follow.. Imperials had arrived.

XP Gained: 17
• 10 – for the session
• 2 – learning secrets
• 3 – dealing with Too Low Talo and the Yiyar clan
• 2 – interesting roleplay



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