Bandin Dobah (DECEASED)

Bandin Dobah is a notorious pirate lord operating several smuggler bands near the planet Formos.


Bandin Dobah is a stereotypical pirate captain reckless, crude, and aggressive. His belligerence soon earned him the respect of several of his fellows on the Aqualish home world of Ando and he proved a natural gang leader. Dobah’s impressive force of will compensated for his natural lack of charm. He soon made a number of enemies for himself on Ando, and so he embarked on a career as a spacefarer, captaining a roguish crew willing to undertake all manner of mercenary activity or acts of piracy in order to keep the credits rolling in.


Age has mellowed Dobah to some degree, though by any civilized measure he’s still a violent brute. He no longer has the energy to ply the hyperspace routes of the galaxy in search of easy pickings, but he has been able to turn his resources into effectively managing his network of smuggling teams around the Kessel Run. He tends to conduct his business through a series of intermediaries such as the ones the PC’s killed on Formos.

Dobah still rules through intimidation rather than true leadership qualities, and his crew obeys him more out of fear than loyalty. His bullying and boorishness offend all but the most hardened of space pirates, but while the profits from the black market glitterstim trade continue to flow, they remain loyal nevertheless.

Dobah met his end in a gladiator fight after he was captured and delivered to Thakba the Hutt.

Bandin Dobah (DECEASED)

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