Bargos the Hutt

Young male Hutt with a maimed left eye


Bargos is a rather odd-looking Hutt: he is long and lithe (relatively speaking) and exceptionally slimy. His skin is a pale green color, patterned with mottled bands of dark grey. It is said that as a youth Bargos was nearly slain by an assassin armed with a disruptor pistol. As a result his left eye and much of the left side of his face have been badly maimed, twisted into a lumpy mass of gastropod scar tissue.


Bargos the Hutt is a minor Hutt lord who lives on Sleheyron. When he was younger, an assassin attempted to kill Bargos with a disruptor pistol. Bargos survived, albeit scarred, and since then has relied heavily on Genko, his loyal Toydarian major-domo to run the day-to-day part of his criminal empire. He has plans to move into the Formos region and acquire more Glitterstim spice for his drug trade. He also recently won an oridium mine on the planet Gavos in a high stakes Sabbacc game. It was rumored that Bargos might have been in financial trouble as half of his Gamorrean guard force quit and started looking for other employment; but thanks to the actions of the PC’s his empire has started growing again, which has drawn the attention of other clan Gorensla Hutts.

Bargos the Hutt

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