Kaltho the Hutt

A large yet thin Hutt with yellow green skin


The great Hutt Kaltho is a curious sight and much smaller than the norm for one of his standing (he only dines on the finest of delicacies). He is still as enormous as an adult Hutt would naturally be, with the occasional grotesque fold of loose skin indicating some past act of gluttony before he began to waste away. When in public or in a gathering with outsiders, a Kaltho conceals his shrunken body with a massive black garment of Corellian nanosilk embroidered with great scenes from the history and mythology of the Hutts.


Kaltho is the current leader of the Veradi Clan, a mid-level clan for which his spaceports and warehouses on Nar Shadaa (The Smuggler’s Moon) provide a substantial legitimate and illicit income. Since Kaltho’s holdings are in Hutt space there is no Imperial customs laws, instead there are “trade guidelines” agreed upon by all Hutts, which he has no qualms about bending to the limit.

As Kaltho has developed a very refined pallet, he rarely travels without a personal chef. In his retinue Kaltho is known to keep a known bounty hunter for enforcement and protection.

It is unknown why Kaltho is interested in the Jewel of Yavin.

Kaltho the Hutt

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