"Too Low" Talo

Rough looking Sullustan male


Carrying himself with an air of confidence and fearlessness, this heavily scarred Sullustan is a man of action before words.


Talo is heavily scarred about the head and hands, having suffered injuries in numerous illegal operations and a fair number of fights with Imperials and lowlifes alike. He is loud and overbearing, surprising many larger species with his quick temper and toughness. Rumor has it he’s stared down Wookiees and won arguments with Hutts out of sheer tenacity. Talo’s nickname comes from an unfortunate accident in which he overestimated a speeder truck’s total capacity during a fast getaway. He plowed a load of illicit goods into a canyon rim instead of into the open cargo bay of the waiting smuggler’s ship parked above it.

“Too Low” Talo is the Sullustan second-in-command of Yiyar Salvage’s Wheel cargo bay. Publicly, he was hired to help expand Yiyar’s operations at the station and smooth over relations with customers. He secretly disrupts their competitors’ operations, from orchestrating minor diversions to bribing officials to hinder them to sabotaging them outright. After the kidnapping attempt at the Wheel, Talo is sent to lead a revenge attack against IsoTech at Scrapheap Point.

"Too Low" Talo

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