Zekra Fol

Mid 30's human female, well dressed and well mannered.


The woman claiming the name of Zekra Fol is a slim, dark-haired figure who moves with an effortless elegance. She wears fashionable but conservative clothing in her cover identity, favoring suits that provide easy movement. She carries a briefcase with the Outer Rim Exploratory Mining Corps logo emblazoned upon it. If openly acting in an official capacity, she trades her corporate garb for the uniform of the Imperial Security Bureau and wears her holdout blaster in a clearly visible holster at her hip.


Zekra Fol is a human representative for the “Outer Rim Exploratory Mining Corps” (OREMC). The OREMC is a recent venture backed by patrons from the Core Worlds to seek mineral wealth in the Outer Rim.

Recently Jimothy discovered that Zekra Fol is actually an ISB agent who is blackmailing the crew to meet out justice to Marus Grayson.

Zekra Fol

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