Spinnin on the Rim (SW EotE)

Droids Will Be the Death of Us

Temple of Eedit: Knowledge is Key

Note: I have changed things a bit as the game did not go as I had hoped and I am making changes to how the game will progress. So if the events or statements are different than you remembered, it is most likely because they are. Admittedly I also waited too long to write this up, so my memory is fuzzy at best.

With the walls and ceilings of junk, it took no time at all for the Crew to be stranded from their G9 Rigger. Piling on board the corvette, the Crew immediately went about assisting Reom and IsoTech engineers on getting the corvette off the planet. As the hail of blaster shots rained down on the area, Jimo sent a message to Whiner to get off planet and meet at the Wheel. The heroic efforts of the Crew finally got the corvette skyward and into battle with a few Imperial TIE fighters. Surprised by the massive ship the TIE fighters were ineffectual at stopping the lumbering capital ship from escaping into hyperspace.

Reom ecstatic at the success of the Crew and on everyone’s survival explained the new situation to the Crew. Now that Raxus Prime is no longer a valid area for consistent business for IsoTech, he is going to push the company into a less Black-market style business offering cybernetic enhancements. IsoTech will reduce the salvage operations to less dangerous enterprises and begin to work on turning the company viable. The corvette will be renamed from the Blockade Bandit, to the Comfort Pioneer and the medical infrastructure will overtake the majority of the corvette.

Reom winks when he states that “even though the goal is legitimacy, it takes capital and hard decisions to get there”. The corvette will remain on the move with ships being brought in for customers and supplies. This is to prevent knowledge of Cratala’s existence and knowledge from escaping, while also remaining apart from any specific jurisdictions on cybernetics. As silent partners of IsoTech, you have full access to the offices on the Wheel and will have the proper codes to contact the Comfort Pioneer whenever necessary.

Reom then changed the conversation to the Crew’s future involvement with IsoTech. The Crew declined the 200,000 credit by-off, which Reom was pleased they would stick with IsoTech and help fill a role in the company’s future. The Crew would take lead on discovery efforts, finding new ideas and sources of technology to keep IsoTech ahead of the competition. A starting point would be to look into the droid factories and engineering discoveries of the Separatists from the Clone Wars. Cratala was once a Separatist so there must be more to find within the ruins of the Separatist movement.

Once the Crew arrived at the Wheel they noted no sign of the G9 or Whiner. So the Crew took a few days of R&R, Moshta meeting with his beloved while Jimo and Goram dove into side projects. Goram in a discussion with Waroon Dak, a noted infochant, happened to find out that a bounty hunter named Seegawk was seeking the Crew. Finding out that Seegawk seeks to trap his targets into unfavorable situations, the Crew headed to Moshta’s sweet to find that Seegawk had already arrived.

Aris was tied up and under guard in the dark room, allowed for Seegawk to inform that party that he sought the bounty on them in regards to the Jewel of Yavin and the behest of the Winged Guard of Cloud City. Shortly after this announcement the blasters began to ring out and the Crew stood over two surviving members of Seegawks gang. After a few questions, Moshta executed both and left the suite with Aris and the Crew.

Having found a message from Soun the Iktotchi engineer they saved from Cholgana, Jimo explained to the crew that Whiner was unable to remain on the wheel with the G9 as the ship had been flagged for “failure to comply with docking protocol”, which was a fine Whiner was unable to pay, as he has no credits to his name. So his next logical course was to take the ship to await the Crew where they originally met.

Having to request a drop off to Formos from IsoTech, the Crew found Whiner, Soun, G-100 the banking droid, and Cookie the elderly Cerean female they saved from Cholganna, in the warehouse once used by Bandin Dobah’s smuggling operation. Finding out the G9 was impounded due to an uncharacteristic enhancement to the Imperial garrison. The Crew worked with Snoo the Devaronian information broker, to distract the Imperial’s as the Crew works to get their ship off of Formos.

XP Gained: 12
• 10 – for the session
• 2 – dealing with bounty hunters



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